Cane Stands

A cane stand holder is a splendid way to store and display a prized collection of all of your fashionable canes. Many of our customers purchase different cane styles and designs for different outfits and outings and want a way to easily organize their cane collection. These high-quality and handcrafted cane stands are the perfect way to display your cane collection out in the open for others to appreciate. They are designed in different ways to show off your cane collection from circular stands that lean the canes out on an angle to show the cane handles to stands that store the canes in a fan-shaped layout. Many kinds of wood are available from American Oak, Wenge, Stained Ash, Maple, and Pine these stands will show off the cane collection in an elegant way and will accent your home decor for years to come.

A Cane Stand for Every Home

Our collection of cane stands includes cane racks made of a variety of materials with beautiful, lustrous finishes, so you're sure to find a cane stand that will enhance the look of your home in our selection. Choose from a sophisticated light ash wood piece, the dark, distinguished look of genuine ovangkol or even the classic appeal of pine. From round cane stands, or cane racks that rest against a wall for a more subtle touch, we have the piece you are looking for. Imagine 50 years down the road as these increases in value and becomes an antique cane stand where you can pass down through generations.

Fill your Cane Stand with a Unique Assortment of Canes

Not only are our stands used to hold your cane, but they can be populated with an array of canes to provide a fashionable and stylish décor to your home. You can have a very robust collection of colortone walking canes, which provides a visually stunning appeal from the assortment of colors. Maybe you love to travel the world, you can place a stunning arrangement of our high quality tourist canes.

If you are patriotic like most of us here at Fashionable Canes, these organization and military canes would be a very notable piece for all to see. There are even more unique canes from our entire cane collector section.Ok, we will cover a couple more ideas. From dogs and cats to fish and birds, there are an abundant amount of animal canes for you to choose.