Vintage Walking Canes & Antique Walking Sticks

If you prefer the look of a vintage stick or antique cane, you'll love these stylish pieces made to look like real vintage canes. With quality craftsmanship and fine detailing, these antique walking canes provide a distinguished look at an affordable price. All antique canes for sale are quality-crafted from fine materials. When you purchase one of these antique walking sticks or vintage canes, you'll enjoy it as a part for your collection for years to come. Start shopping now!

We Offer More Than Antique-Style Vintage Canes and Sticks

If you are into classic looks, be sure to check out our dress canes for even more options. Also, if you enjoy these sophisticated pieces, you're sure to enjoy browsing our entire selection of elegant handle canes. No matter what you prefer, you are sure to find it in our expansive catalog at a price that you can afford.

Now, what exactly makes a cane an antique? Most people would say it stems from the rarity and age of the cane, which increases the value of the cane. Although we don't specialize in specific antique canes, we do have the expertise to know which canes may turn into antiques in the future. For example, canes made from antlers are almost guaranteed to in becoming an antique. These canes can be used even to add a little décor to your summer cabin in the woods.

Next, the Comoy's of London canes hold many of the same canes in this section, but do include some others that we only want visitors to see on the entire Comoys's collection. Most of our knob-handled canes will most certainly become antiques down the road due their elegance in design and popularity. A cane collector will buy up many walking canes that share certain similarities. It's up to the individual to decide what features are most important of a cane. For example, you may have a peak interest in only leather canes or canes made out of Lucite.