Bull Penis Walking Canes

Bull Penis Walking Canes

The legendary bull penis cane AKA The bull dick cane is the most unique of all walking canes. The perfect cane to make any cane collection complete, these walking canes are constructed of real bull organs, fully sterilized and prepared by a professional taxidermist.The durable metal rod down the center of the penis cane ensures its longevity and reinforces its sturdy nature. The most interesting part of using this cane is that no one has any idea what it is made out of until you tell them. The bull organ has the appearance of natural wood because of its dark appearance and the shiny lacquer. Using one of these canes will shock anyone when you tell them what it is and is sure to create an interesting conversation with anyone!

Walking sticks have been a wardrobe staple for centuries, used by farmers to herd animals and as protection against thieves while traveling. Rulers have used canes to demonstrate power and justice. Churches began using staffs with hooked ends as a symbol of drawing followers to service. When bamboo and reeds began to be used to create the staffs, they became known as canes, a term we use today to describe most types of walking stick. Celebrities have been using canes to accent their wardrobe for years. Johnny Depp has walked the red carpet many times with a cane in his hand and Madonna made the cane a women's accessory in the 1990s. Brad Pitt carried a cane after injuring his ACL but managed to make it look like more of a fashion accessory than a medical device. If you would like to add a cane to your wardrobe, you don't want to settle for just any walking stick. Instead, go for the truly unique with the bull penis cane.

An Extension of Style

Bull penis canes are more than just a walking stick, they are an extension of your style. Each cane is constructed of real bull organs that have been fully sterilized and prepared by a licensed taxidermist. Each cane has a durable metal rod in the center that gives it longevity and durability while allowing the cane to remain true to its original form. The skin of the bull is not stretched over the metal rod as the bull organ is naturally 36” or longer.

History of Bull Pizzle Canes

Bull penis canes, and those made from the organs of other animals, date back to the ancient Egyptians who created scepters that represented the goddess Worset, using them as symbols of power. Many hieroglyphs of pharaohs holding the canes, known as Was scepters. In more recent history, legends such as Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, and Jack Dempsey owned canes made of bull penis.

Handmade with Care by a Professional Taxidermist

At Fashionablecanes.com, each bull dick cane is created by a licensed, professional taxidermist. The organ is cleaned thoroughly and sterilized. In some cases, the taxidermist may soak the bull penis in a salt brine solution while others treat the cane with formaldehyde. A metal rod is inserted in the center for stability and weight bearing. One end of the cane is bent and soaked in a preservative and the cane is then hung to dry. Once it is dry, it is either varnished or coated in shellac.

A Shocking Gift That is Sure to Get a Reaction

Even if a cow penis cane is not your style, it can make the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy person on your list. It makes the perfect “over-the-hill” or retirement gift. If you have a friend or family member who loves the Old West, a bull penis cane is the perfect gift. Many who own the canes don't use them but display them in cases and as wall decorations. However, each bull pizzle cane is strong enough for everyday use.

Bull Penis Cane Featured on House MD TV Show

Bull penis canes were brought into the spotlight on an episode of House MD. In the episode entitled 1 Family, House visits an oddities shop where he eventually locates his Flame Cane. While there, he encounters what the store owner calls a “bull organ” cane. When told what it was, House replies that “penis canes are murder” and returns the cane to the shopkeeper.

The fact is that bull organ canes originated as a way to use the entire part of an animal after slaughter so that no part of the animal goes to waste. Although, today, there may be other ways to use a bull penis. Creating a cane from the organ is a way to create a conversation piece. For more canes featured on House, check out FashionableCanes.com’s collection of House MD replica canes.

Types of Bull Dick Canes

There are several styles of bull penis canes available. The Bull Penis Tourist Handle Walking Cane is available in sizes ranging from 34” to 37” and for people up to 200 pounds. It is sealed with a protective lacquer and is adorned with a label indicating it was made from the reproductive organ of a bull. Just above the label, a buffalo head nickel is embedded in the cane. The Bull Penis Silver Hame Handle Walking Cane is straight, designed to be used as a walking stick. The cane cannot be custom-sized but has the same labeling and embedded nickel. The handle is a silver grip with a ball on the end. It is rated for people up to 250 pounds and an average height of 5'1”. The Elk Horn with Bull Penis Shaft Walking Cane is two-tone white and brown handled. The handle has been created from a genuine elk horn and is accented with two brass gold elk on the handle. The certification label and nickel are both included on the cane as well. Sizes vary and cannot be customized. The cane is rated for those who are 250 pounds and average 5'11” in height. The Bull Penis Brass Hame Handle Walking Stick is similar to the Silver Hame Handle except the handle is made of brass. It cannot be customized and is designed for people 250 pounds with an average height of 5'5”.

There is no question that a can adds a look of sophistication and mystery. Whether you are planning a special occasion that requires a black tie and tails, or you simply want to stand out from the crowd, a cane is the answer. By choosing a cow penis cane, you are not only standing out from the crowd, but you are making a unique, bold statement. Bull penis canes also make fun, unusual gifts. They are not only fashionable and functional, they can be used as conversation pieces as part of room décor or in a display case as well. Learn more about bull pizzle canes by visiting us online or giving us a call.