Extra Long Walking Canes

Our long canes are perfect for our taller customers. Extra length canes are specially designed to fit those whose needs Aren't met by the standard options, and we are proud to cater to every customer we can. If you are 6" or taller, than look no further; we have the variety of long canes you've been looking for at very affordable prices. Each of these extra long canes is constructed of high-quality materials for longevity and durability, and created in such a way to ensure that they are as fashionable as they are sturdy and reliable. Make your purchase today!

Long Canes and More

Offering extra long canes is among the many ways that we try to serve every one of our loyal customers. Be sure to also look through our extra strong canes for a piece that will stand up under long usage and under heavy stress. Our adjustable canes are perfect for those who aren't sure how to size their canes or want the convenience of shortening or lengthening their piece to fit their size or stature. We also offer a variety of specialty canes, like stable quad canes, blind sensing sticks, and lightweight carbon fiber canes for extremely light yet durable pieces. Make sure you look through our entire catalog of fashionable canes and make an informed decision. For more information on finding the perfect fit, read our information on sizing your cane.

Our selection is unmatched anywhere on the web. For years we have been happy to search far and wide in order to offer you the most options so that you can find the walking cane that's right for you. With our superb customer service, we know that you will love shopping at FashionableCanes.com. Thank you for purchasing with us today!