Folding Walking Canes

Folding canes for men and women can be a great medical supportive device for travel or everyday use. They fold up easily and stores away neatly. Travel can be a day out on the town, an evening trip to a favorite venue or for extended holidays at family resorts or touristic adventures. Extra support is needed when traveling for just a brief walk or an extended jaunt and having a leaning device can reduce leg pain and fatigue. Feet can become cramped without extra support or the back may become weary. Whatever types of traveling needs, we have the perfect folding cane for every occasion in all sizes and handle shapes to make the perfect fit. Most of these are folding adjustable canes, which readily adjust and conform to fit any size.

Folding Adjustable Canes for Everyday Uses

Adjustable canes are not just for travel but are great as a spare that can be stored under a seat in a vehicle or at the office tucked away in a drawer and as the one cane that is used every day. A folding cane can be folded away neatly while dining and placed in a pouch, a carrying case or behind one’s seat. When traveling or driving, there is no need to try to stuff it between seats or toss in the back; it can ride neatly in an array of fashions. It can be folded away quickly with the flip of a switch and stored on the same shelf that holds the walking shoes.

Everyday folding canes are strong and sturdy and may be the only cane you will ever need. The ability to swap tips and accessorize folding canes easily makes them versatile and able to compliment a variety of uses and daily needs. An adjustable folding cane can also be made to reach the perfect height when changing from dress shoes to flat shoes, which can vary by a couple of centimeters to a few inches. The many different styles and options make adjustable folding canes a must have for anyone who needs extra support or simply likes the feel of a walking stick.

Types of Adjustable Folding Canes

Many of the adjustable folding canes available will be a standard type of cane with a variety of handle choices. The handles are made to fit the unique hands that use them and will be made to provide optimum comfort and support. Some will fold up at the touch of a button or can be unscrewed and placed neatly in a carrying pouch. One may be made of durable aluminum and another of a light-weight carbon fiber and painted or etched for the ultimate in fashion. The many different styles are sure to compliment any ones' daily needs.

Adjustable Folding Canes with Comfort Handle Grips and Wrist Straps

A very comfortable cane style that uses a soft handle grip in combination with a handy wrist strap that offers the best in both comfort and support. The style is adjustable and will fit most heights while folding away neatly for quick storage. The comfort grip is great for those who have sensitive hands, or suffer from arthritis and need a cane that can supply the afforded amount of weight bearing potential needed.

The handle can be a variety of styles from offset to ergonomic or a simple standard design and the release mechanism will be in the handle for quick release when needed. The cane strap is fashioned to keep the cane stable and to allow one to hit the release switch to fold the cane and keep the cane from slipping out of their hands. Straps can be around the collar or shaft or extended from the end of the handle grip.

Adjusting and Collapsible Seat Canes

A great cane when traveling can include a lot of walking and foldable chair cane allows for pit stops and breaks along the way. This helps to relieve pressure off the feet and provides superb convenience when there is no other spot to sit. Some models include an easy to use handle that has a release clip for easy folding and the seat snaps into an adjustable clamp for walking or sitting. Adjustable folding canes with flip switch seats make picnics and barbecues enjoyable and can be used at the beach or the park or even in a busy market when a quick break is needed.

The cane seat handles come in a variety of colors to accessorize clothing and hand bags or can be decorated to accentuate the cane shaft and be an elegant piece for formal outings. As a handle, the option provides a durable handle that can be made with finger grips for extra support and even extended to the top height available and work as a quick clutch in emergency situations.

Adjustable Folding Canes for the Visually Impaired

Traveling around when your vision is impaired can be a hassle unless a sight sensing cane is used to help one navigate through rooms, down hallways, to the bus stop, school or market. The easy to fold sight sensing canes available can be fully adjustable for a variety of heights and provides a bumper for the user to help one to avoid running into objects. A walk in the park can be more enjoyable with the light weight and adjustable sight sensing stick and makes enjoying all the sounds and smells a top priority of the day.

A sight sensing adjustable walking cane can be adorned with wrist straps and a carry pouch. The pouch makes for easy storage or the cane can fold and be stored easily in a long coat pocket or back pocket on a sturdy pair of pants. A rubber grip makes the stick easier to grasp and will not slip from hands. A soft grip also helps to avoid wrist strain and impact pain.

Adjustable folding Canes and Hiking Sticks

A track through the mountains or just up the hill to check the mail can be made a lot easier with a foldable hiking stick. Extra tough tips are made to withstand rocky and rough terrain that can cut and shred soft rubber tips. An ice grip can also be a great way to make sure a hiking stick is capable of getting ultimate traction during the cold fall and winter months when icy slopes can be a hassle.

Back packs can easily hold the adjustable and folding walking canes when camping or extended walks may necessitate the need for extra supplies such as water or trail mix. Once out on the trail, a drink of water and the quick flick to open a walking stick can have the trails submitting in no time. Other great ways to enjoy a walking stick can be when working in the garden or hunting through the woods and forests for wild mushrooms or herbs to make a wonderful tea. The walking stick can be used to help hold back brush and briars to allow other friends or members of the pack to walk through and will swipe away spider webs while providing support on steep hills and inclines.

Optional Tips and Accessories for Adjustable Folding Canes

Accessories can range from carrying bags to cane pouches, extra wrist straps and traveling cases. Extra tips are available and needed to maintain a good tip or to change when the weather elements can be a challenge. Grips can be supplied to add extra comfort and some handles will also be interchangeable for increasing support on days when it is needed most.

Retractable Ice Grip Tips on Adjustable Folding Canes

This tip was made to offer the maximum in support and traction that can be easily retracted when not needed. The cane ice tip will have a button mechanism that engages the tip or retracts it and allows for comfortable travel on ice when a little extra traction is nice. It can be great when walking across a frozen parking lot to the market to grab needed winter supplies or at the gas station when stopping after work. When it permits, one cannot escape the dreadful conditions of slippery steps and walkways in the winter months and the extra traction makes for a wonderful reason to add a folding cane as a necessary addition to emergency kits and to simply keep available in one’s car.

Extra Wide Tips on Adjustable Folding Canes

Added protection and stability is available with extra wide cane tips of 22mm an up to increase traction and support. The extra wide stability tips have improved anti-slip properties and a wide lip with a reinforced ridge. The extra wide tips provide the best traction for a variety of terrains that allows one to walk from the sidewalk to the beach and through grass or mud with the best support possible. A reinforced edge keeps the tip from wearing quickly and provides the best tip to surface contact for increased mobility in wet and slippery elements.

Tripod Stand Tips on Adjustable Folding Canes

The maximum in security and support available for a cane tip today. The 3 prong tripod cane base allows extra balance for the user to be able to navigate through rough terrain, walk up stairs easily and use on escalators or elevators when balance can be compromised. The tip can be interchanged with other tip styles when folding and storing the cane or simply for days of light use. The durable tripod features a rigid or soft style for a variety of uses and terrains.

Adjustable Folding Canes with Optional Tips for Stability and Weather Changes

Next to the handle, the tip is a main part of a supportive cane and can be made to provide varying amounts of support for those who need more grip in the winter on slick surfaces and extra width to provide more stability on a variety of terrains. The different tip styles can be included with some models of canes or special ordered to fit a cane of your choice as an optional item.

Increase Your Mobility with an Adjustable Folding Cane

Men and women of all ages enjoy adjustable folding canes for many occasions from hiking in the woods, a trip to town or as a weight bearing medical device. The options are endless as to the styles and types available that can increase ones stamina on rough terrain or allow those to walk freely when otherwise not able.

Holiday Styles and Adjustable Canes for Special Occasions

Interesting styles of canes from the shaft to the handle can complement a variety of wardrobes and attire and to also celebrate a favorite day or holiday. Canes can be elegant with sophisticated style and with designer handles made of the finest woods. These are seemingly cherished and used for nights out to charity events, fancy balls, fundraisers and special events to lounging at the lodge.

Canes do not always have to be classy and tasteful but can also be fun and whimsical matching a favorite outfit, supportive of a cause or just fun and joyous. Adjustable folding canes can make holidays fun and extra inviting when celebrating with friends and family.

  • 4th of July - Red white and blue cane styles for Independence Day fun. A folding seat handle cane makes it easy to watch fun and fireworks comfortably.
  • Easter - Pastel adjustable canes with flowers and bunnies to greet spring time styles. Extra wide tip is great when looking through the grass on the annual egg hunt.
  • Christmas - Red and gold canes with rhinestones or green with funny elves and mistletoe. Hang a few cheerful bells from the handle and do not forget the ice tip.
  • Halloween - Glossy black canes with pumpkins, cats or sterling silver skull handles for wicked fun and to compliment costumes.
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Still More too Consider!

Here you can find the perfect folding cane to fit your style, size and needs. We have a wide variety of specialty folding canes which includes folding canes for the blind, cane folding chairs, extra tall folding models, ones with unique handles, and even folding canes with flashlights for added convenience. We know there is an abundant amount of available when it comes to the diversity in our inventory. Knowing what options you have should assist you in narrowing down a choice for the best folding cane possible.

Have you ever traveled the world and wish you had a portable folding cane? It can be a real nuisance conversing from location to location having a long shaft poking out only to bump into people or objects causing damage. We completely agree with this statement. That is why our folding canes for travel break down into 3 sections which allows for the perfect size to store. On the same subject, you may enjoy taking an adventure on a long hike with unknown terrain. We have folding walking poles and folding trekking poles that will make your journey on the trail ten times more enjoyable.

For Those Looking for only Adjustable Walking Canes

If you looking for more beautiful and elegant walking canes while having a stronger medical condition than most, we recommend you browse our adjustable offset canes and adjustable quad canes. Yes, having a cane that is compact is truly a walking aid of convenience, but is not always necessary for all our customers. Finally, our prices and service can’t be matched when looking to buy a folding cane. Thank you for visiting and we hope you found what you were looking for. There are also plenty of reviews for you to read.