Custom-Engraved Canes & Plaques

That special occasion is just around the corner or perhaps you want to apply a message on your cane with information in case you misplace your cane while out on the town. Our selection of custom-engraved canes allows you to personalize a message on the handle or shaft to make the cane as unique as you are. Each plaque is laser engraved and then bent by hand to match the curve of the cane shaft before it is applied.

All custom-engraved cane orders MUST BE PLACED ONLINE. This is to ensure accuracy and to simplify the order process. No returns on engraved products. Personalization can delay the shipment of the order 1-3 business days. Any orders shipped Next Day Air will be delayed and shipped out when the engraving is complete.

We're proud to offer our engraved walking canes alongside many other great cane accessories for sale!

Personalize a message for that upcoming holiday. Our custom-engraved canes are a perfect gift for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year’s, the 4th of July, birthdays, special sporting events, or even just as a friendly gift. You can be as serious or funny as you would like. There are no restrictions on your creativity. Well, besides the amount of room you have to work with on the engraving plaque.

If a personalized walking cane with engravings isn't an accessory you are interested in, we do have other accessories available. The most popular accessories we sell are cane tips, along with larger tip bases.

For extra support and protection for your engraved walking stick, we sell stands, holders, folding cane pouches, and straps. All of these accessories are manufactured with the highest quality standards available from any reseller.

For those extremely cold days with a thick layer of ice on the ground, all ice safety products available have been tested and proven to aid in walking in iced conditions. Finally, you can also find other common replacement parts for canes we sell on our website.