Quad Base Walking Canes

Quad Canes offer the highest level of stability of all of the popular walking cane styles. The large, four-pronged base allows you to confidently walk across sloping, slick or unstable areas without worrying about your quad walking cane losing its traction. FashionableCanes.com, is proud to say that we have searched far and wide to bring you this exclusive selection. Browse these pieces to find large-base quad canes, small-base quad canes, and more. Each is carefully crafted of durable materials so you can feel confident that your purchase of a four legged cane will be a lasting one.

Large base quad canes are often requested by people who need a walking aide for medical reasons. For even more options, make sure you look through all of our medical canes and find exactly what you need.

Stylish Quad Cane Options

Our vast selection of quad canes and 4 prong canes features an array of fashionable designs, so you can be sure that you'll enjoy your purchase not only as a functional, helpful aide, but as a stylish addition to your wardrobe. From beautiful floral patterns to quad canes showcasing a sleek, metallic look like chrome or bronze and more, our collection of quad canes has just what you are looking for. For more stable and sturdy walking sticks, try an extra strong cane or look to our canes with Fritz arthritic handles or our ergonomically designed canes for a cane that is comfortable to use. Top off your purchase with our walking cane accessories like a durable cane tip or a fashionable wrist strap. Shop FashionableCanes.com today to find the one that is perfect for you!

A quad walking cane offers the highest level of stability out of all the supportive base walking cane styles. The four-pronged large or small base quad cane is convenient because the cane stays standing, and it's more stable, giving you extra support to lean on. It can confidently help you walk across almost any type of ground including uneven surfaces without having to worry about falling or tripping. The quad walking cane is a very stable walking aid that is always there to support you since it has four feet. FashionableCanes.com is determined to bring a sense of fashion and style to all the pronged walking aids that we sell. We are proud to say that we have searched far and wide to bring you this exclusive selection of stylish quad canes.

Many of these walking sticks are "convertible quad canes," which means they can be changed from a quad cane to a standard offset cane at any time. Quad canes are often used by people who need a walking aid to recover from a medical procedure or condition and need a medical cane. Many times, people will gain better balance over time and can then start using a standard offset walking stick, which makes these dual-use mobility aids the perfect option. These combination quad and standard walking sticks will give you the sturdiness you're looking for but will also give you the stylish appeal that you deserve.