8 Best Summer Walking Canes

Summer walking canes are important. With summer right around the corner, we're daydreaming about the warmth, sunshine, vacation, and the beach. We can't wait to get outside and catch some rays. In order to do that in style, we've compiled a list of the 8 best summer walking canes.

The Best Summer Walking Canes

Butterfly Cane

If we could slap our spirit animal on a walking cane, it would be this butterfly inspired piece. It's such a beautiful accessory and you don't even need to be outside to use it. But how wonderful would it be to sit on a park bench, enjoy the outdoor air, and be surrounded by these lovely creatures?

Flower Cane

Our next favorite item is this floral themed cane. It has such a subtle pattern, while the light blue and green make a wonderful fashion statement. It pairs well against all your light summer inspired outfits. It also comes with the quad base cane tip, which adds extra levels of support and stands on its own. A very handy feature indeed.

Hammock Chair Cane

Ever been to a theme park and felt like you couldn't do it anymore? I wish I had one of these hammock chairs to pop out and take a seat. Sometimes it's not even the support of the cane you need, but just to rest those weary feet. Now this hammock chair can come to the rescue.

Dolphin Cane

During the summer it's great to visit the beach, ocean, or take a vacation. How neat would it be to stroll down the boardwalk strutting this dolphin cane? People will think you own the place. It's also incredibly smooth as the dolphin has been molded perfectly to fit comfortably in your hand.

Irish Cane

The weather is so nice in the summer, it's tempting to live outdoors. One thing we love to do is go on short walks. Nothing fancy, but to find a little trail in the backyard or take a stroll around a pond. What better way to do it than with this traditional Irish walking stick. You'll feel like you belong.

Trekking Cane

If casual walks aren't your speed and you need something more challenging, then this trekking pole is calling your name. Perfect for more difficult terrain, the trekking pole give even the most skilled hikers a helping hand.

Umbrella Cane

Lastly, even though we like to sing the praises of how amazing summer is, sometimes it rains. Yes it's true, though no one wants to admit it. Summer can be a downright drag when it's wet. Fear not, if you're out and about, but the weather is iffy, bring along this umbrella cane and your dry clothes will thank you.