Ash Wood Walking Canes

One of the most common woods used in crafting walking canes is ash, well known for being easy to sand and work, as well as being heat-resistant. Woods that are cured for months before being crafted into a final product (as it happens when the lumber is shipped and stored before being purchased and crafted into a piece of furniture or a walking cane) often warp or bend, making the piece weaker and full of more impurities and imperfections. Ash is one of the woods that is least likely to warp under these conditions and thus it makes a wonderful wood to make a strong, sturdy walking stick.

The genus Fraxinus, relative to the olive and fig trees, grows in fairly moist climates and is a more pliable wood than, say, oak or other hardwoods. When used to create an ash walking cane, this creates a piece that offers a firm, somewhat heavyweight, yet is shock resistant for years of long-lasting use. Perfect for use as a heavy-duty cane, we're also blessed that this optimal walking stick material also lends itself to crafting over a lathe or through a band saw, so that it is easy to craft and then polish into a wonderful looking, stunning piece. Naturally light in color, ash wood is often recognized as the color of a wooden baseball bat. This light tone with coarse, wide grains makes it a lovely starting point for a stain or lacquer, so any ash walking cane can become much like a work of art.

This Genuine Ash Derby Walking Cane is stained with a rich espresso tone.

Often paired with a complimentary handle, ash walking stick shafts are among the favorites of walking cane users, since it outlasts many of the other, less sturdy walking canes. If you are looking for a wooden walking cane that will last for years, ash just might be the right choice for you!