Buyer Beware: Counterfeit Canes on the Rise

CAUTION: Cheap counterfeit reproductions of designer walking canes do NOT undergo the same quality assurance as their genuine counterparts.

It has come to our attention that counterfeit replicas of items in our inventory are being sold in marketplaces across the web. Here at Fashionable Canes, we are grateful for the continued patronage of our loyal customers and we feel a responsibility to ensure that you have the information you need to avoid being scammed into buying cheap and faulty merchandise. For informative purposes, this post will illustrate the difference in quality between our brass knob handle walking canes with their knockoff counterparts. While some may see these counterfeit options as a chance to save on their purchase, counterfeit walking canes are poorly constructed, lacking in aesthetic appeal, and pose a danger to users.

Poor Construction Quality

The first difference you will likely notice between our brass knob handle walking canes and these imitations is the construction of each item's shaft. Our shafts are made from genuine wood types ranging from beautiful beechwood to exotic ebony. It is unclear what type of wood was used to craft these knockoff items, but the appearance of the wood's surface speaks volumes about the complete absence of quality. The grain of the wood is clearly disrupted by knicks and dings in multiple, obvious locations. Also, the shaft of the counterfeit cane is split into three and is held together with screws. This is done so that the items can be shipped at a lower cost to the seller by utilizing smaller parcels. The segments do not seem to align perfectly and the cane appears to be disjointed from some angles. The shafts of our genuine brass knob handle canes are one solid piece of sturdy wood.

Notice the rust and tarnish on this counterfeit cane's screw and handle.

Lack of Aesthetic Appeal

Our brass knob handle canes come with a beautifully engraved handle displaying an ornate floral pattern. These duplicate items have clearly tried to match our style, but have fallen short in a visibly evident way. These knockoff handles are tarnished to the point where the designs are difficult to distinguish against the dull discoloration of the brass. It's also noteworthy that the handles feel strangely light, calling into question whether it is even constructed with real brass. Also, the screws holding the segments together are noticeably rusted and raise additional concerns about the safety of these products. Each of our knob handles is authentically brass-plated and has a polished, shiny appearance.

This counterfeit handle is uncomfortably bulbous and does not display the same ornate design as the genuine model.

This genuine brass knob handle from Fashionable bears an exquisite design of the utmost quality.

Instability & Danger

Our main concern regarding these counterfeit canes is the threat that faulty manufacturing work poses to our customers. If you examine the shafts of these counterfeit canes closely, you'll notice that even when screwed together, the pieces do not align perfectly. This creates an off-balance walking experience that is unsuitable for those seeking stability. Iit is also noteworthy that the wood on these canes is extremely brittle and prone to breakage. To test this, we applied minimal pressure to one of the shafts and were able to snap it with relative ease. Please reference the pictures below to see what type of damage these canes can easily sustain. To maximize your own safety and security, please be sure to purchase a quality item with the materials clearly listed (or readily available upon request) like one from our inventory here at Fashionable Canes.

The damage you see was created by applying a minor amount of pressure to the weak point of this counterfeit shaft where the cheap screw held two segments together.

Choose Style and Safety

We understand that the entire purpose of purchasing a cane is to have a dapper and dependable item to assist with mobility. If you're considering your options, be sure to look beyond the price tag and ensure that your item is quality. With so many counterfeit canes on the market, it's important to avoid poorly constructed, aesthetically displeasing, and potentially dangerous items. For your own safety, we urge you to be in the know about the walking cane you choose. While the right cane can serve as a faithful companion for years to come, the wrong one could potentially cause unseemly problems. If you are looking for items of the utmost quality, shop with Fashionable Canes!