Carry Comfort Anywhere with a Seat Cane - Fashionable Canes

Have you ever found yourself standing in a crowd or waiting in a long line only to realize that there is no place for you to sit and rest? A seat cane is a perfect solution!

Seat canes are innovative devices that double as both a walking cane and a portable seat, making them perfect for anyone looking for both extra stability and a convenient place to rest. Our selections of seat canes vary in both style and function and there are options available to suit a wide variety of price ranges. This article will describe our most popular canes with seats in order to give you all of the information you'll need to make an informed decision about which option may best suit your own personal needs.

Flipstick Seat Canes

The Flipstick Seat Canes are a great option for those on-the-go and on a budget. These affordable seat canes are made from durable aluminum featuring a spectrum of vibrant colors ranging from classic black to attention-grabbing green, red, blue, and pink hues. These bright and sturdy handles easily fold down in order to double as a comfortable place to sit.

The Flipstick seat cane is available in adjustable and non-adjustable variants. There are even folding Flipstick seat canes available! The non-adjustable versions of the Flipstick are 34" long whereas the adjustable Flipsticks can be set anywhere from 34.5"-36". As pictured below, the adjustable Flipsticks each come with a secure aluminum locking nut to keep the canes at their set length. To adjust, simply loosen the locking nut, press in the adjustment button, and move the shaft so that the button pops out the desired hole to result in a longer or shorter cane. Once the adjustment has been made, the nut can simply be tightened to keep the shaft at the desired length.

Genuine Leather Hammock Seat Cane

The luxurious Genuine Leather Hammock seat cane is manufactured by Comoy's of London and comes with a seat crafted from genuine leather in a rich brown tone. This striking product is a marvel of engineering that is meant to provide users with a place to sit even when they are on uneven terrain. This item is available with two different styles of tips that both come equipped with a spike that allows users to conveniently sink the tip of the cane into soft terrain for a secure seating experience. As shown above, the Genuine Leather Adjustable Cane Hammock Chair is available with either a flip base or a screw base.

The flip base comes equipped with a rubber tip sized to fit perfectly over the spike hidden beneath. Once the rubber tip is removed by simply sliding it off, the convenient metallic plate affixed to a flip mechanism swings down over the tip to create a secure base with which to plant the seat cane in the ground. The added convenience of the flip base allows users to create their own comfortable seat anytime, anywhere, and on any terrain.

The Screw Base has a screw-off tip that can simply be twisted off for easy access to the grounding spike. Once the screw base is removed, the spike will be accessible and ready for use on almost any soft terrain. When you are prepared to move your seat and resume using the item as a cane, the tip can simply be screwed back on.

The Genuine Leather Hammock Seat Cane is also available in an adjustable and non-adjustable model. The non-adjustable version of this cane is 34" long. The adjustable model can be set anywhere from 31.5"-38.5". The length setting can be changed by turning the easy adjustment knob on the side to extend or retract the shaft.

Colortone Wooden Seat Cane

The Colortone Wooden Seat Cane combines the fashion of a classic wooden cane with the added convenience of a compact seat that folds and unfolds with ease. The beautiful straight grain and fine texture of the birchwood create a neutral look that pairs exquisitely with the darker tones of the seat and handle. The derby style handle is consistently rated as being one of the most comfortable styles of handle, giving this seat cane an edge in functionality.

To utilize the Colortone Wooden Seat Cane as a seat, simply pull on the slide clip to fold down the seat. This will also extend the two extra legs which will touch down on the ground for additional support while you are seated. When you are prepared to stand up, simply push the slide clip back up to retract the seat and extra legs.

To accommodate a wide range of users, this seat cane is available in three different sizes:

Small (for heights around 5'6")

Standard (for heights around 5'10")

Extra Tall (for heights around 6'3")

Carry Comfort Wherever you Go!

From our fabulously simplistic Flipstick devices to our high-end Genuine Leather Hammock Seat Canes and Colortone Wooden Seat Canes, we offer a number of ways for our customers to carry the convenience of a comfy chair wherever they go. Anyone seeking a little extra peace of mind when attending a crowded event, traveling, or even just taking a long stroll through nature will surely benefit from owning a walking cane or walking stick with a seat. If you are interested in purchasing one of these quality items, please click here to find the perfect option for you and buy a seat cane today!