Don't Forget your Cane Tips

Have you ever taken a look at the different accessories we have to offer as an add-on for your cane? There are a lot of different things that you can buy that are designed to enhance your use of the cane.

Let's start with the bottom of the cane, the tip. Having a rubber tip on the bottom of your cane is an important way to prevent slipping. Always make sure that the tip of your cane is in good order. Here at Fashionable Canes we have three different tip styles that are available in four sizes: 16mm or 5/8”, 18mm or ¾”, 22mm or 7/8”, and the 25mm or the 1”. The first style is item #1621 and #1624 the steel inserted Rubber Tip in brown and black.

We also offer item #1612 which is the standard black rubber tip. This is not steel inserted but people enjoy the different look to this cane tip.

Standard Black Rubber Cane Tips

Last but not least we have our low profile cane tip, item #1613. This is a popular option because it is the most discreet of our tip options.

Low Profile Rubber Cane Tips

The most popular size of canes is the 18mm or the 3/4" and for that specific size, we have a few different cane tip options available. First would be item #1661 the Non-Marking pivoting cane tip. These are great for a little extra flexibility in your movement. They are also great for using on crutches.

Non Marking Extra Large Pivoting Rubber Cane and Crutch Tip

And just for fun, we offer different colors for the 18mm canes as well in item #1626.

They come in teal blue, black, purple, pink, green, and gray to add a little more class and style to your cane.