Fun Ways to Stay Active as a Senior: Senior Fitness Tips

Senior citizens often face many challenges in their busy lives. From balancing family obligations to tending to the needs of children and grandchildren, it may seem easy to forget exactly why exercise is important. It is absolutely vital, though, that senior age people take the time to assess their own needs, especially when it comes to health and fitness concerns. Staying active can be the key to staying healthier and happier for longer, which is why exercise is important for seniors! Seniors can experience great health benefits from incorporating various aerobic exercise styles into their routine including cycling, walking, and swimming!

Aerobic Exercises

Anyone who wants to get up and moving in a way that will put the least strain on the body as possible should give aerobic exercise a try! Aerobic exercise is any sustained activity that gets the blood pumping and the oxygen flowing through the circulatory system. Aerobic exercises can vary in intensity, making this the perfect exercise type for a wide range of senior age people who want to stay active! It's true that movement is more difficult for some senior citizens than others, it's important to keep this in mind when planning senior fitness exercise routines. See the three top senior exercise aerobic activities below, ranked in descending order from highest to lowest intensity.


It's often said that no one ever forgets how to ride a bike. Why not put this to the test and get pedaling to stay active? Cycling is an excellent cardio exercise for senior age people that can also help to tone muscles in the legs and calves. Those seeking the maximum muscle stimulation may want to look into a high-tech EMS (electric muscle stimulator) unit to get the most out of every workout! The great thing about cycling is that there are so many options! Whether you prefer a ride down the beachside boardwalk, or to roll through a scenic nature trail, or even just use an exercise bike at the gym, there's a way to get cycling that will meet your needs!


It's no secret that there are many health benefits of walking for seniors and everyone else, too! Walking is the most convenient and affordable way to get active as you won't need anything but your own two feet! While dedicated walkers may opt to take on hiking in vast patches of wilderness, there's nothing to stop anyone from starting their walking adventure by simply stepping out on the sidewalk. As walking may be a strenuous activity for some seniors, it may be a good idea to invest in a quality walking cane, walking stick, or hiking staff to ensure the best and most stable walking experience.


Many people who struggle with mobility on land have turned to the water for their senior fitness needs! The force of gravity will not feel as strong when submerged in water, enabling an easier experience and possibly an improved range of motion. Swimming laps in the pool is a great way to burn some calories and keep moving! Many gyms also offer fun instructor-led aerobic exercise activities in the pool for those looking for a cohesive and structured workout experience.

Get Moving!

Not that you know a bit more about why exercise is important for seniors, it's time to take the next steps! Whether you prefer a higher intensity activity like cycling or something more light-moderate such as walking or swimming, it's important to get up and get your body moving to experience the maximum health benefits of exercise for seniors! The most important thing is to choose an activity that is both fun and beneficial to your health, so pick your favorite exercise and get moving!