How to Adjust Walking Cane Length

Unsure of your exact cane length and looking for a walking cane with a little wiggle room? An adjustable cane is perfect for you!

What exactly is an adjustable cane, you ask? Adjustable canes come with a mechanism on the shaft that enables the cane to be shortened or lengthened at will. This enables users to test out different lengths in order to see what feels the most comfortable. One major benefit of ordering a folding cane is not needing to know your exact cane length upfront, as you can adjust it after ordering! In this article, we'll answer common questions about adjustable canes, walk you through how to use adjustable canes, as well as provide you with a few sparkling recommendations for some of the best adjustable canes on the market!

Adjustable Cane Q&A

How Long is an Adjustable Cane?

If a cane is classified as adjustable, this means that its shaft has a mechanism that enables it to be shortened or lengthened. The maximum and minimum length will vary between different folding canes, so it's important to check the adjustable range before ordering. Here at Fashionable, this information is always provided conveniently under the "optional custom sizing" tab on any item page. Please see the image below for a visual reference!

Are Adjustable Canes Collapsible?

While a cane can be both adjustable and foldable (collapsible), some canes are adjustable without having the ability to be folded. The easiest way to tell if a cane of ours is folding is to simply refer to the images. Folding and collapsible canes will always be pictured with the shaft segments folded or collapsed to let you know that the item can be folded. If a cane is both folding and adjustable, both of these keywords will be in the item's name. Please see the image below for an example.

Are Adjustable Folding Canes Safe?

Here at Fashionable Canes, the safety of our customers is our utmost priority. We aim to provide the highest quality canes and our adjustable walking canes are no exception! Each of our adjustable canes comes with a unique adjustment mechanism that enables easy and secure resizing. Even our folding adjustable canes are safe and sturdy as each segment is engineered to fit together perfectly and to hold tightly together until forced apart by the user in order to store the folded cane.

How to Use an Adjustable Cane

Adjustable canes are easy to use! Changing the length of your cane is almost as easy as the quick click of a button. Every adjustable cane will come with several carefully placed holes going down the length of the shaft. There will also be a small, brass adjustment button sticking clearly out of one of these holes. To adjust the length of the cane, simply press the button in, and pull the shaft until the button aligns with the hole that corresponds with the desired length. Once the button is lined up with the hole, simply release the shaft and allow the button to pop out. The shaft will now be shorter, or longer, depending on whether you moved the button up (to shorten) or down (to lengthen).

Still feeling unsure? Check out our simple video tutorial!

Best 5 Adjustable Cane Designs

While there are many striking folding canes available, we've hand-picked a few of our favorites to share with you. Keep reading to see some of the best adjustable cane designs available anywhere!

1. Folding Carbon Fiber Derby Walking Cane with Adjustable Carbon Fiber Shaft and Collar

    We love this sleek folding carbon fiber derby walking cane! Its unique carbon construction gives it a very distinct look from its checkered handle to its brilliant mesh pattern along the shaft. This item is both foldable and adjustable, making it perfect for use anywhere, anytime! Carbon fiber also happens to be one of the lightest materials available for cane making. This item weighs in at just 0.8 pounds, but it super durable and suitable for users up to 250 pounds! If you're looking for the most compact and convenient folding adjustable cane, look no further than this beautiful model by Carbon Canes!

    2. Pink Pearlz Designer Adjustable Cane

      The Pink Pearlz Designer Adjustable Cane is the perfect option when you're feeling like a real fashionista! This stylish model comes with a popping rhinestone collar and a pink pearlized style handle. The pink adjustable shaft is lightweight and lovely to behold. This adjustable cane is perfect for special occasions. You'll be tickled pink with this lovely walking cane at your side! However, if pink isn't your color, this same gorgeous pearlized style is available in a number of colors and styles. Click here to view these beautiful adjustable rhinestone collar canes!

      3. Chrome Derby Handle Walking Cane with Laser Etched Shaft

        This Chrome Derby Handle Adjustable Cane combines classic elegance with a modern twist. The intricate laser etching on the shaft weaves together and really pops against the solid background. The shaft can be ordered in several color variations including solid black, black etched, or brown etched. This item can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion as the chrome handle is just traditional enough to be suitable for any situation.

        4. Brown Designer Adjustable Derby Walking Cane

          The Brown Designer Adjustable Derby Walking Cane is a real standout due to its rich wooden handle. Wood is a rare material in adjustable canes as all adjustable shafts must be constructed from aluminum or carbon fiber for engineering purposes. This uniquely constructed adjustable cane combines a classic wooden handle with a sleek aluminum adjustable shaft to offer you the best of both worlds! If you're looking for an adjustable cane that can easily be mistaken for a traditional wooden walking stick, this is the perfect item for you!

          5. Black Triple Wound Palm Grip Adjustable Walking Cane

            This extravagant Black Triple Wound Palm Grip Adjustable Walking Cane combines the superior engineering of a comfortable palm grip handle with ultralightweight carbon fiber material to create a pleasant and convenient walking cane experience. The carbon fiber shaft has a brilliant mesh pattern that contrasts beautifully with the black palm grip handle. The palm grip is designed for a custom-like fit for your hand and must be ordered specifically for a right or left hand. This cane provides the utmost in comfort and sleek style and is perfect for times when you want to feel trendy on the go!

            Buy an Adjustable Cane Today!

            Adjustable canes offer our customers the added convenience of being able to adjust the length at will. This enables you to adjust the length of your cane based on the length of your heels or the thickness of your winter boots! Whether you're a new cane user looking for a cane that will allow you to test out different lengths, or a veteran user who simply loves the vibrant designs, we have the perfect adjustable cane for you!