How to Dress Up Canes for Women

Owners of women's walking canes sometimes want something a little more than what their current cane has to offer. Sometimes the cane is already considered elegant, fashionable, or trendy-but it's missing something. The solution is simple: dress up your cane. From a clever way to keep your cane close at hand to a superb way to stow it, learn how to add interest to walking canes for women.

Wrist Straps

Wrist straps are chiefly designed to allow people who use canes to release their grip without having the cane fall to the floor. Function isn't the only purpose of wrist straps, though-they can also help dress up your cane.

Wrist straps are available in different materials, such as suede, leather, elastic, and chain link. Some are even adorned with crystals or studs. No matter your style, understated or bling-bling, a variety of cane wrist straps can provide functional and aesthetic value to women's canes.

Cane Stands

If you own several fancy canes for women, or if you plan to assemble a collection, a cane stand is a perfect accessory in which to display their style and elegance. Cane stands are available in a variety of sizes, which can accommodate a modest or grand collection of walking sticks.

In addition, the stands are available in traditional and exotic woods, as well as aluminum. From rack-style stands to round stands and those that are wheeled or stationary, there's a cane stand to appeal to every cane collector.

Cane Engraving

Another option for making fashionable walking canes more dressed up is to engrave them. Even elegant canes for women can be made more sophisticated with the addition of an engraving. Cane engravings can be added to the knob of women's canes or on a special plaque that is bent to fit the shaft of the cane.

Engravings can be commissioned for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you fancy a monogram on your cane. Or maybe you wish to include identifying information on your cane, in case it becomes lost. Engravings can also serve to commemorate a special event or state your favorite quote. Whatever your whimsy, it can likely be done.

Cane Carry Bags

Sometimes you don't need your cane at the ready, and a cane carry bag can help you protect your cane from falls, nicks, and other accidental damage, while providing a stylish wrapping. Cane carry bags are helpful when traveling or when you have an extra cane you hardly use.

These protective bags also come in handy pouch styles for transporting women's folding canes. In fact, you can find a carry bag for just about any style of cane, including custom walking canes.

Making a Choice

When your interest lies in dressing up a women's cane, several choices are available. But don't feel like you should tackle all of them at once. Instead, select one or two options to get started.

If functionality and accessorizing are paramount, perhaps a wrist strap, cane stand, or cane carrying bag would be best. If you're into pure aesthetics, then engraving would be an excellent choice. Whatever your pick, it's sure to help you achieve your goal of dressing up women's canes.