How To Size and Measure a Walking Cane

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You must be careful when you purchase a new walking cane. The size of a walking cane is the most important feature, as an improperly sized walking stick will not help you nearly as much as a proper cane. That is why you should know how to size and measure a walking cane when you are purchasing one.


The most common method of sizing a walking cane starts with the recipient standing with their normal walking shoes on. Once the person getting the cane stands, make sure it is in their normal walking stance. If they normally slouch or bend their back, have them do so as you measure them.

Relax Your Arm

Once they are standing as normal, have them relax their arms at their side, just as they would right before they walk. The arm should dangle at their side with a slight bend in the elbow. This is a more natural position for the arm.

Measure Wrist To Floor

Now it is time to measure the individual. You will need to find a measuring stick or a measuring tape that reads in inches. Someone will then have to measure the distance between the floor and the center of the wrist joint of the person who is getting the stick. Once you round that measurement to the nearest half inch, you have their ideal cane size.

Short Cuts

There are some shortcuts you can take to get the correct cane size, though they can cause slightly off results. The first one includes measuring a cane that the person already uses. This method only works if they already have a cane that fits them. The second shortcut includes measuring the whole person. Once you have their height, divide it by two to get an approximation of the height the cane needs to be. Yet again, both of these methods have their flaws and are not the best way to find cane size. You can also ask your doctor to size you for a cane.

Now that you know how to size and measure a walking cane or walking stick, you can find and purchase any walking canes or walking sticks for sale.

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