New Year, New Designs - Fashionable Canes

The new year is bringing lots of new looks to Not only have we kept some old favorites, but we've improved a few as well. The new House walnut stained cane features a new shiny embossed collar and a richer stain.

Our newest design is the EZ-Get-Up cane which features a double bend which allows the user amble support for hoisting out of the seated position. No longer will you have to think twice about sitting in a low chair for fear of not being able to get back up!

If you're simply looking to add flare to your current cane collection be sure to check out our new patterned canes which are now in high definition patterns. Here are a few of our favorites:

Pretty Purple - Classic purple and black with pops of soft pink, blue and white in geometric shapes.

Realistic Wood - Enjoy the classic beauty of a fine wood grain with the lightweight convenience of an adjustable aluminum cane.

Glorious Gardens - Cool, calm blues, spring fresh greens and the perfect touch of purple adorn this lovely cane with unique teal handle.

These and so many more new options are available on