Oak Wood Walking Canes - Fashionable Canes

In the world of walking cane construction, a few things are revered: strength, resilience, weight, ability to turn on a lathe or other woodworker's machine, color, grain patterns and what we call “sandability,” or how smooth of a surface that can be created when a walking cane is sanded; the finer, smoother the surface, the more able it is to accept a stain, clear-coat or paint. Considering all of these elements, there are few woods that can be compared to the qualities of oak.

Oak walking canes are a favorite of collectors mainly for the natural, beautiful look of the light, amber-brown color it naturally exudes. With dark grains that remain in a relatively straight pattern throughout any sample of the wood, oak is a lovely piece to work with, and is always loved by the user.

The natural color and grain pattern are not the only ways to finish an oak cane, however. Oak is often chosen for its ability to accept a beautiful luster and sheen based on its sandability, and with a dark color it can look stunning.

Foremost, aside from the beautiful look, oak walking canes are revered for their strength. Carpenters often mar a piece of oak because it is such a tough, dense wood, and oftentimes a nail won't want to penetrate as cleanly as we would like, which has been the downfall of many oak kitchen cabinets! as a material for a walking cane, this strength is an obvious asset. Able to resist bending, cracking and breaking even when under extreme amounts of strain, oak is ultimately a wonderful material for making a walking cane.

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