Survival Walking Sticks & Staffs

Learn More about the New Trend of Survival Walking Sticks and Tactical Staffs

You might have heard about survival walking sticks or staffs, or even seen one out on the trail. What are they and what do they do?

A survival walking stick or cane is a useful tool. It contains multiple gadgets and tools for survival that help you in the event you are stranded or lost. They can come in really handy out in the woods and some people even use them in survival scenarios, if they live off the grid or in mostly uninhabited locales.

If you like to hike and ever venture well off the beaten path, they might not be a bad idea. For the average hiker, these tactical staffs are a bit overkill. Other options like a wood sword-cane hiking staff are probably a better option.

We sell a nice wooden survival staff that has a compass and a full-length sword for self-defense. It's a nice option for those who want added safety and survival tools on the trail.

The other option is our hiking pole with a zap gun. This hiking pole has a stun gun that delivers over 900,000 volts of stopping power, fending off animals or attackers.

Both are discrete and look amazing, giving you the best of both worlds-a functional walking or hiking stick and the ability to defend yourself and survive out in the wilderness.

The hiking pole with stun gun keeps you safe and secure on the trails.

What Should a Survival Walking Stick Include?

Most survival walking sticks require basic tools and accessories you really need outdoors. Nearly all of them include a compass and survival tools. Most include either a knife blade or some other implement for defense or hunting. Saw blades and other implements are also vital tools.

A full-length sword blade is an excellent tool to have in a survival walking stick if you are concerned about self-defense. If you come up against a wild animal, it's better to have a longer blade to defend yourself. A longer sword can also be used for more practical things like cutting brush, hunting, cutting meat, and other uses.

You should also be certain it performs as a hiking staff. The walking stick should be rugged and durable and have a spike at the end to grip rougher terrain.

Should You Make Your Own DIY Survival Walking Stick

Making your own DIY survival walking stick is a task many outdoorsmen enjoy. It is something you can call your own and it gives you a sense of accomplishment. It does take wood-carving and wood-working skills. However, it is not as simple a task as you might think.

You will have to bond your items to the wood shaft to ensure they perform as expected. If your stick breaks or tools come loose in the wilderness your walking stick will be of little use. With that in mind be sure to take extra care crafting your walking stick, using the best materials and techniques.

To start, find a solid wood shaft of a suitable length. You will need to sand and smooth the exterior with sandpaper. Then, whittle the end to make a point about 1 inch wide and affix a cane spike to the end.

Next, you need to carve a suitable handle area and wrap rope or cord around the handle tightly, gluing it into place securely at the ends.

In the top of the handle, carve out a small hole to mount your compass. Use hot-glue to secure the compass in the handle.

Finally, you need to build your attachments. This might be a fish spear or a saw blade. This is the most difficult part of building your survival staff. Each one has to carefully and thoughtfully built in order to perform well and last a long time. In many cases, this involves more advanced tools and skills that are typically beyond the average home builder.

That's why many people choose to buy survival staff. It just makes good sense to buy a well-built item when your life could literally depend on it.

There are many other advantages. You can get one with the right tools you really need.

It usually will perform better and last longer as well. For the price, these walking sticks are sometimes comparable to what you might spend on materials and tools to make a similar item.