Finding Special & Unique Gifts for Elderly Parents

Best Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents and Seniors to Show You Care

Your elderly parents spent a good portion of their lives raising you-and now it's time to start returning the favor and caring for them. When it's time for gift-giving, that means finding something truly unique and special. A gift that expresses how much you appreciate them.

Elderly people and senior citizens have special needs and want. These gift ideas for elderly parents reflect those wants. They make a connection and show them how much you care. The gifts are perfect for Christmas or the holidays, elderly parent birthdays, and other special occasions.

Our Top Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents and Seniors

What are Some Unique, Special Gifts for Elderly Parents? These top gift ideas are ideal for the elderly and seniors. They have style, class and are highly useful. They also make a connection, one they will cherish and remember. If you want to find really special gift ideas start your search here.

Useful & Unique Gifts for Elderly Parents

1. Stylish, Designer Canes

A cane is a very useful item for elderly people. They offer assistance while walking and provide needed stability and balance for some seniors. In many cases, a cane can help your elderly parents get around with more confidence and even prevent falls-as recommended by their doctor or physician.

What's even better, is today's canes are designer accessories with stylish patterns and unique handles and accessories. There are so many choices, you can find something your parents will relate to on a personal level. Canes come in many styles and a distinct range of patterns.

Find one that connects with your parents-whether it is a floral pattern cane, stylish wood cane, or animal head canes. There's even genuine Irish Shillelaghs (Blackthorn Canes) for those who appreciate Irish culture.

Canes come in all sorts of styles-from sports-themed, and gadget canes to high-style formal cane choices. Take a look at today's best canes.

2. Picture Frames

All elderly people like pictures and a nice picture frame is yet another useful idea for a gift. Frames today come in all shapes and sizes and materials like wood, glass, steel, and others. There are even frames made out of barn wood. While not the most original, a picture frame is still a very useful and thoughtful gift idea.

Today you can also find custom frames made from almost any material and in any style. Often this is a great choice since you can make it more personalized.

Stylish Gifts for the Elderly

1. Designer Hats

Everyone looks better in a hat! Designer hats make excellent gifts for elderly parents. They immediately add style and class to an outfit-something elderly people have real respect for. Adding a hat to their outfit will upgrade their look and remind them of a time when everyone dressed nicely and wore hats.

There are all types of hats out there. Whether they enjoy the classy look of a nice felt fedora or prefer the function and feel of a woven straw hat, there's one that hits the right notes. Do your parents still go outside?

A Panama hat or straw sun hat is a great idea. If they enjoy the classic culture and want to be reminded of times-gone-by, a bowler or derby hat is a great idea. Do they enjoy British culture? There are classic trilby hats. Or, perhaps they would enjoy being reminded of historic American culture. Flat caps and newsies are other wonderful options.

2. Sweaters & Clothing

Elderly parents can always use more clothing including sweaters, shirts and new outfits. While shopping for the right clothing can be a chore at times, there are many options out there. You can find nice sweaters and other shirts and clothing at outlet stores or online. Seniors and elderly parents will appreciate gifts of nice clothing. They are also useful.

Memorable and Personalized Gift Ideas for Elderly

1. Custom Shirts and Clothes

A custom shirt is a great idea for a gift. With a custom shirt, you can add your own slogan to commemorate a special event or occasion. Custom birthday shirts can pay tribute to a milestone, like the 80th birthday, or another important life event they want to commemorate. Perhaps it is the 50th anniversary of a special occasion in their life.

Were they part of an organization, regimen in the army, or did they take part in a historic event? Think about the most important events in their lives. You can create t-shirts to make this moment special.

2. Custom Personalized Glasses, Posters, Frames and Items

If clothing is not your thing, think about creating a personalized poster, a custom mug or glass, or a picture frame. They will appreciate these gifts because they are one of a kind. You don't need to stick with your typical custom frame or coffee mug. Try something unique. A custom beer stein or set of etched wine glasses might be more appealing to some elderly parents. Today, you can get almost anything personalized like keepsake boxes, cigar boxes, walking canes, even furniture.

Choose something that connects with them. If they have a special interest, complement it by selecting an item that represents this interest. For instance, if they love Ireland, a genuine blackthorn walking stick engraved is an excellent choice. Do they enjoy wine or have a special connection to France or Napa? Wine glasses would be a perfect choice.

Think outside the box and consider their interests and you will find some excellent gifts for elderly parents they are sure to love!