Using a Cane for Hip Pain

Suffering from hip pain? A cane can provide relief and assist you through treatment!

It is a grueling thing to suffer from hip pain. Simple tasks, such as checking the mail or taking out the garbage can seem like monumental tasks when your hip refuses to cooperate. When used for assistance, a cane can reduce the weight and stress placed on a painful hip. That can make walking more bearable and reduce pain symptoms of certain types of hip disease. If you are seeking a quick-fix to provide you with some immediate relief, using a walking cane is the perfect solution!

Using a cane for hip pain is just one course of early, conservative treatment. It can help alleviate some symptoms simply by alleviating stress placed on the hip joint and muscles. However, it is important to understand using a cane is not a full replacement for hip pain treatment recommended by a doctor. You should always consult your doctor before using a cane or other treatment for your hip pain. It's also important to learn how to properly use a cane for hip pain relief.

Tips on How to Use a Cane for Hip Pain:

    1. First, buy a properly sized and measured cane with a sound, solid rubber tip and grip
    2. When walking, hold the cane on the opposite side of the affected hip
    3. As you step forward with the impacted leg move the cane forward with it. Then place it down with the cane. This action helps split the load between the leg and cane
    4. Step forward with the other leg and repeat the process

    When approaching a step down, always move the painful or "weaker" hip leg first. This will put weight on the stronger, less painful hip, since you will balance all your weight on this leg as you lift your other leg. Going upstairs, move your stronger leg up with the cane first. Take the step up on the good hip and move the painful hip up to the same stair using the cane to balance the load and relieve strain on that hip. Continue using the cane as long as your physician recommends, and as long as using a cane reduces hip pain symptoms. Remember, the cane can be used for hip pain in the earliest stages of common hip disease including arthritis, fractures, nerve pressure, and other common hip pain problems.

    Find Relief from Hip Pain with a Cane

    Now that you know just how useful a cane can be in combatting the symptoms of chronic hip pain, don't allow yourself to suffer for a moment longer! Finding the perfect cane for you will undoubtedly be the first of many steps down the road to a happier, healthier you. Be sure to consult your doctor in regards to your walking cane and any other options that may be available to you for pain relief. If you find that more serious medical intervention is required, be sure to read about how a walking cane can assist with recovering from hip surgery.

    Buy a walking cane and give yourself the relief you deserve!