Which is Better: A Cane or Walker?

Wondering whether a cane or walker is the best fit for you? Read more for some helpful tips!

Whether you're just beginning to explore mobility assistance options or simply reevaluating your current situation, it is important to know how to make the right call between using a cane or a walker. There are several key elements that you should consider when deciding what will be the best option for your own needs. Walking canes and walkers offer different levels of support, comfort, and mobility.

Who should use a cane?

Canes are a perfect option for anyone looking for mild to moderate mobility assistance. Walking canes are intended to provide additional balance and support. A cane may be right for you if you sometimes experience mild issues with wobbling or staying upright, but are able to stand on your own for the most part. It is important to note that canes are not intended to bear the full weight of your body and are there to give you the extra bit of stability you may need from time to time. If you are simply seeking additional support and balance, a cane is likely the perfect solution.

Who should use a walker?

Walkers are for users with more pressing needs in terms of support. A walker's four tips provide stability and allow users to rest their full weight against it. Walker users will need to have adequate upper body strength in order to lift the walker as they move with it. Users with less upper body strength will likely benefit from using a rollator, which is a hybrid between a walker and a wheelchair that comes equipped with wheels and handbrakes for easy maneuvering. Put simply, if you are experiencing severe mobility issues, especially while recovering from an immobilizing operation or injury, a walker may be a worthwhile investment.

Is a Cane or a Walker more Comfortable?

The level of comfort you experience with a cane or walker will vary depending on your exact needs. Walker users will invariably experience some discomfort due to the need to lean forward while resting most of their weight against the item. This can lead to some back pain and issues with posture. For this reason, a cane can sometimes be a much better option for those who are physically fit to stand with partial assistance. Another perk of using a cane, when possible, is that they are available in many styles intended specifically to meet your comfort needs. For example, offset canes have comfort grips and twisted shafts that distribute weight more effectively for a more stable and comfortable experience. Offset canes are also available with quad base attachments that can dramatically improve the cane's balance and stability.

Best 5 Canes to use Instead of Walkers

If you find that you would likely fall into the category of needing moderate assistance with walking, you may still be on the fence about which option is best. If you think that you would benefit the most from using a cane, but feel that you might need one with a little extra support, we have some great options for you.

1. Black Base Quad Cane

The Black Base Quad Cane is a great option if you're looking for a quad cane with optimal support and simplistic design.

2. Quad Base Palm Grip Walking Cane

This Quad Base Palm Grip Walking Cane has a unique handle that makes for a custom-like fit. Paired with the quad base, this item combines the best of comfort and stability.

3. Flight of the Hummingbird Convertible Quad Cane

The whimsical Flight of the Hummingbird design is a fashionable and functional option when you need a little extra support.

4. Watercolor Flowers Vivienne May Offset Quad Cane

The Watercolor Flowers design is perfect for showing off your artistic side and staying stable in style.

5. Blue Reflections Convertible Quad Cane

The striking design of this Blue Reflections Quad Cane will keep you looking bold and balanced.

Reinvigorate your Mobility today!

There's certainly a lot to consider when deciding what type of mobility assistance will be best for you. Once you've had time to reflect on your own needs and desires in a mobility device, you should be able to make an informed decision on the basis of the level of assistance you may need, what level of comfort you are seeking, and how much assistance you need with balance. Unfortunately, we do not currently carry walkers in our inventory. We are, however, very excited to share our premium line of walking canes and walking sticks with you. If you need a little more balance and stability in your life, we hope that you'll give your mobility a boost with a Fashionable Cane today!