How To Care for Your Wooden Walking Cane

Wooden walking canes are things of beauty as well as function. However, to maintain this functionality and beauty you must take care of the cane. This maintenance will make sure your can stays functional for as long as possible while keeping the wood pretty. Here we will provide some tips on how to care for your wooden walking cane.

A Damp Cloth

This will be the main tool you’ll use to keep your cane clean. As you use your cane, you might notice that mud and dirt will cling to it. Although there’s no need to worry, this dirt can eventually damage the polish and the grain itself. It’s beneficial to clean off mud and dirt often to avoid any damage. Do this often if you want to keep your cane clean all the time. The best way to do this is a simple scrub with a damp cloth or towel. This should remove the dirt and keep the cane undamaged. You can also apply a small amount of shoe polish to a varnished wooden cane. This polish can give the cane a lovely shine— but be sure to use only a small amount!

Safe Storage

One thing you hear constantly is that wood shouldn’t be left wet or damp. This is very true as the humidity and wetness will cause damage to your cane. Watch out for some other things to keep your cane in top shape. Don’t store your cane in any place that changes temperature often. That includes near heaters or outside where one day might be warm and the next will be cold. These changes in temperature can cause damage to the wood. Store the cane away from sunlight; the light will cause the cane to lose color and could even cause temperature damage.


There are a few accessories that can be put on a cane to help care for it. A supportive base can not only make a cane more stable, but it can also prevent impact damage to the wood as you use it. A cane carry bag can also prevent any excess dirt and grime from getting on the cane when it’s not in use. A cane strap can also help to keep the cane from falling to the floor while also keeping it within arm’s reach.

Now, if you follow these steps and remember how to care for your wooden walking cane, you can keep your cane beautiful. Just be sure to store it in a dry, suitable area and you’ll have little problems keeping your cane healthy.