Ways To Personalize Your Cane

Cane Add-Ons and Other Ways to Customize Your Cane

Canes come in all shapes and sizes on the market today. Whether you are looking for a special add-on for your cane or want to completely customize a new cane, Fashionable Cans offers every type of cane customization available. We always aim to please our customers with high-quality materials, multiple options, and expert engraving. This guide goes over a few ways to customize your cane and different add-on products we have available.

How to Customize Your Cane

Your cane should feel like it's a part of your brand. When you walk into a room and wherever you go, your cane is your style icon. That's why it's so important to take your customization seriously. Whether you are looking for a new cane or want to engrave a special message, there are several ways to upgrade the style and look of your cane instantly.

Add a Cane Engraving

Personalizing your cane with engraving is the best way to make it your own. When you create a message or add contact details, you can also help people return your cane if it ever goes missing. There are multiple ways to place an engraving or multiple engravings on your cane. We offer all of these options on FashionCanes.com:


Black Cane Engravings


Silver Cane Engravings


Blue Cane Engraving


To find all of the available cane engraving options, shop here.

  • Cane handle engraving: These engravings are small and are placed on a custom handle in chrome, brass, silver, and other metals. Shop All Round Cane Plaque Engravings
  • Oval cane engravings: Like the round cane engraving, these are oval shaped and don't wrap like the round plaques do. These are great places for a message, contact information, or initials. Shop All Oval Cane Plaque Engravings
  • Rectangle cane plaque engraving: Available in gold, silver, brass, and other metals, you can create a longer area for a message with these plaques. Shaop All Rectangle Engravings
  • Anodized aluminum cane plaque engravings: These are special plaques that have a unique shine to them, available in black anodized aluminum and blue anodized aluminum. Shop All Anodized Aluminum Plaque Engravings
  • Flat top name engraving: Want to add your name to a flat top cane? You can also choose a message, contact details, or monogram text. Shop All Flat Top Cane Engravings

Customize Your Cane Handle

The handle is one of the best parts of the cane and a great way to make it your own. Whether you are looking for a wood or knob style handle, you'll find these options and plenty more when you shop all cane handles.

Not sure what type of cane handle is best for you? We have the perfect guide that shows you what style of handle is best for your comfort and balance. Find the right cane handle for your hand.

You can find all of our cane handles on this chart including ratings on comfort and popularity. Here is a brief explanation of the most popular handles on our site and where to find them:

  • Derby handle: With a slight S curve in form, this is by far the most popular style of handle for walking canes. Most users find that it's the most comfortable handle as well. [Shop All Derby Handles]
  • Fritz handle: Another popular style is the Fritz handle, which features a slightly smaller curve. This style is the best option for arthritis problems. [Shop All Fritz Handles]
  • Ergonomic handle: If you having issues with balance or like the longer curve at the end of this handle, it's the best option for those with carpal tunnel and arthritis. [Shop All Ergonomic Handles]
  • Palm grip handle: This cane handle has a notch, allowing it to fight to the palm of your hand. The handle will naturally conform to your grip over time as well. [Shop All Palm Grip Handles]
  • Tourist handle: These handles are curved like a candy cane and were designed after a shepherd's crook. [Shop All Tourist Handles]

You can also shop all cane handles, including offset handles, knob handles, and animal or claw handles.

Choose a Different Style of Cane

Fashionable Canes aims to be an icon for cane design and fashion. When you choose a product on our site, you can trust that it will be the proper size made from high-quality materials such as ebony wood or carbon fiber. Here is a complete list of every style we offer:

  • Wood canes: Choose from ebony, wenge, American oak, exotic woods, cherry wood, and many other types of wood. [Shop All Wood Canes]
  • Metal canes: Whether you are looking for brass, chrome, animal carvings, sword canes, or silver canes, we have a broad selection. [Shop All Metal Canes]
  • Colorful canes: Looking for something fresh and modern? Our colorful canes include fashion patterns, floral patterns, acrylic, and multi-colored canes. [Shop All Colorful Canes]
  • Carbon fiber canes: Want sleek and strong? Carbon fiber is the way to go. We provide all types of carbon fiber styles, such as colored, patterned, triple wound, and folding carbon fiber canes. [Shop All Carbon Fiber Canes]
  • Designer collars: A custom collar is a statement that will catch people's attention and show off your unique personality. [Shop All Designer Collars]
  • Looking for something else? We have all types of styles to choose from [here].

Quick Summary of Cane Add-Ons

Here is a list of the top cane add-on products available right now:

  • Cane Engravings
  • Cane Stands
  • Cane Parts
  • Shoe Horns
  • Cane Tips
  • Cane Straps and Chains
  • Cane Stands

Pick the Right Cane Size

Even with adjustable canes, you may feel like you're always off balance. If you have that issue, then you could need a custom size for your cane. We offer a variety of cane features, including big and tall canes. These canes offer the most comfort and durability.