How To Keep Track of Your Cane at All Times

Losing your cane is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. It’s easy to forget it or leave it behind, but doing so impacts your ability to walk and perform other tasks until you get a new one. This is why you want to make keeping it by your side as simple as possible. Here’re some basic tricks on how to keep track of your cane at all times.

Wrist Strap

The simplest way to remember your cane is to use a wrist strap. Plenty of canes come with a wrist strap already, but you might need to get one you can install yourself. This simple strap will help you attach the cane to yourself, making it harder to forget it.

Hook on Arm

Some canes have a hook-style handle. The derby handle is a prime example. This kind of handle is convenient for holding the cane while using it, but it can also help you carry it around. By hooking the handle around your arm, it becomes easy to carry it, and you’ll be less likely to place it somewhere when you need to use your hands.

Supporting Cane Tip

One trick that can make it easy to remember your cane is to get a standing cane tip. This add-on sits at the base of your cane and makes it stand up, even when you aren’t holding it. As a result, it becomes easy to place your cane next to you when you’re sitting or doing something else. It’ll be harder to leave it behind.


If you ever forget your cane, it can be challenging to find it again. One of the best ways to locate it is to install a tracker in it. A simple Bluetooth tracker can make finding your cane easy.


Another trick is to get an engraving in the cane that’s special and unique to you. Most people who do this add their name or a particular design. Getting an engraving will make the cane recognizable at a glance, and you won’t need to worry that you discovered the wrong one.

These tips on how to keep track of your cane at all times can work with both canes and walking sticks, but they aren’t foolproof. It’s still possible to forget your walking aid. However, these tricks will make it much more difficult to lose it and can help you find your cane as well.