Exclusive Royal Canes Shoe Horns

Exclusive Royal Canes Shoe Horns - Fashionable Canes

The alarm clock goes off and it’s time to get up to start your day. As you go through your usual routine, you notice your fingers straining trying to slip on one of your shoes before heading out the door. The back of your favorite loafers are starting to show signs of the wear and tear from struggling to get your shoes on over the last few months. Why not quickly slip your shoes on and get out the door to have more time to get errands finished or not being late to work. Assume you put your shoes on...

Madonna at 2014 Grammys with Crystal Ball Cane

Madonna at 2014 Grammys with Crystal Ball Cane - Fashionable Canes

Not only did Madonna appear on the red carpet in a black suit with a black shaft, formal women’s cane, but for her performance, she wore a Ralph Lauren Collection off-white silk-cotton-sateen three-piece tuxedo with a white cotton floral-embroidered tie. Of course, the most notable accessory was her beautiful crystal ball cane, which featured a silver collar and white shaft. Madonna’s taste in attire has always led the way for others to know what is and what is not in style in today’s fast-paced world of fashion. Her outfit, gorgeous smile and amazing voice completes the package of what so...

Christmas Gift Cane Ideas for Men and Women

Christmas Gift Cane Ideas for Men and Women
Review of Gift Ideas for Her Yes, the holiday season is upon on us and you are looking for some great Christmas gift ideas. Specifically, we will be pointing you…View Post

Walking Sticks for Exercise

Walking Sticks for Exercise - Fashionable Canes

We have turned into a generation where exercise means rapidly moving our fingers in front of a computer or smart phone. What ever happened to the days of simply just taking a long walk or hike? Yes, I do feel the irony in this situation as I sit here and type away. Let’s change together. I have always wanted to go hiking to view everything nature has to offer and to get in a great endurance workout. Before you set off on your adventure, it’s important to take a quality exercise walking stick to aid you when traveling unknown or...

Able Tripod Base

Able Tripod Base
Any cane user can attest to how annoying it is having to constantly pick up your cane when it falls or having to find a place to hang it where it…View Post

Father's Day 2013

Father's Day 2013 - Fashionable Canes

With father’s day just around the corner it’s the perfect time to order dad a new walking cane. Whether he needs an upgrade, another unique item for his collection, or is just starting to need a cane, we will have just what you are looking for. Walking canes make the perfect gift that will give both you and your father piece of mind. Walking canes aren’t all about stability though. With exciting new styles and genuine exotic woods, many users find themselves as collectors before long. When choosing a cane this father’s day you’ll want to consider a few things....

How to Choose a Cane Handle

How to choose a cane handle - Fashionable Canes

With so many styles available today, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the correct type of cane handle. There are many things to consider including what hand you use your cane in, how often you use your cane, specific concerns you might have with comfort and even the location in which you live can play an important role in how you choose the perfect handle. First, you’ll want to decided which hand you will use your cane in. In most cases, a cane is used on the opposite hand of an ailment. For example, if...

Plan Ahead and Save

Plan Ahead and Save - Fashionable Canes
Next time you make a cane purchase plan ahead and add some tips! You'll save money and time on shipping when you're ready for a new one. Not sure which… View Post

Downton Abbey Walking Canes - Popular with the Ladies

Downton Abbey Walking Canes - Popular with the Ladies - Fashionable Canes
Cool canes are popping up all over the place lately and for good reason. Canes are becoming a sought after fashion accessory as well as a great way to aide… View Post

Walking Canes; A Gothic Tradition

Walking Canes; A Gothic Tradition - Fashionable Canes
In The Wolfman, the 1941 black and white film, the tragic protagonist is undone when he gives his friend a silver-headed walking cane. In the final scene, the Wolfman is… View Post

New Silver Walking Canes

New Silver Walking Canes - Fashionable Canes is thrilled to introduce a new line of silver walking canes that have just been added to our selection. These new pieces are not silver-plated, or nickel-silver alloy, but… View Post

Dark Shadows Cane

Dark Shadows Cane - Fashionable Canes
With the release of the 2012 film Dark Shadows, it's difficult for us not to remember the long and storied history of the character Barnabas Collins, and of course, his… View Post