Aluminum Walking Canes

Aluminum Walking Canes
A guide to aluminum canes from FashionableCanes.comView Post

Rheumatoid Arthritis & Walking Canes

Rheumatoid Arthritis & Walking Canes - Fashionable Canes

We have turned into a generation where exercise means rapidly moving our fingers in front of a computer or smart phone. What ever happened to the days of simply just taking a long walk or hike? Yes, I do feel the irony in this situation as I sit here and type away. Let’s change together. I have always wanted to go hiking to view everything nature has to offer and to get in a great endurance workout. Before you set off on your adventure, it’s important to take a quality exercise walking stick to aid you when traveling unknown or...

Guide to Walking Cane Handles

Guide to Walking Cane Handles - Fashionable Canes
Wondering how to choose a walking cane handle? There's a lot to think about, from your own body type, cane grip preferences, and usability, this guide will help you choose… View Post

Genuine Irish Shillelaghs - True Blackthorn Walking Sticks

Genuine Irish Shillelaghs - True Blackthorn Walking Sticks - Fashionable Canes offers a full line of Shillelaghs and Irish Walking SticksView Post

Happy 4th of July from

Happy 4th of July from - Fashionable Canes

From us at, we’d like to say happy fourth of July to all of our loyal customers. Especially those brave men and women who have served in our armed forces, defending the freedom and independence we cherish so greatly. We have a few patriotic pieces, and this time of year, they always sell out. For instance, look into our line of patriotic canes for a few examples. By far the most popular is our Eagle-Head Red White and Blue Cane, which, as you can see in this image, is an amazing piece of hand-carved, woodwork. The beautiful, vibrant red,...

New Year, New Designs

New Year, New Designs - Fashionable Canes
The new year is bringing lots of new looks to Not only have we kept some old favorites, but we've improved a few as well. The new House walnut… View Post

Fashionable Canes Made It to the Superbowl!!

Fashionable Canes Made It to the Superbowl!! - Fashionable Canes
Of course, we here at are avid fans of the TV show House, M.D. in part, to be perfectly honest, because of his excellent choice in walking canes, but… View Post

Holiday Gift Ideas

fashionable canes
Find the Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Loved Ones Every Holiday has that one person that is difficult to shop for. Here at, we know that, and would like… View Post

Fashionable Canes on Glee!

Fashionable Canes on Glee! - Fashionable Canes
We were thrilled to see another one of our fashionable walking canes on television; this time on the hit musical show Glee! View Post

Dr House's New Skull Cane

Dr House's New Skull Cane - Fashionable Canes
for season 7, House appeared with yet another new walking cane, with an intricately detailed, high-quality skull design on a comfortable knob-style handle. View Post

A Post from One of Our Customers

A Post from One of Our Customers
A man who has recently started using a walking cane shares his story. View Post

Walking Cane Buying Guides

Walking Cane Buying Guides - Fashionable Canes

At, we are proud to offer such a vast selection of walking canes to suit the needs of all of our customers. We offer such a vast selection, that sometimes it can be overwhelming – even to us! To help our customers choose the cane that would work best for their needs, we’d like to take the time to cover some of our cane materials, handle styles, and more. Hopefully with a bit of this information, we can make choosing your new walking cane a little easier. Check back often as we plan to update our buying guides often....