Best Walking Canes for Self-Defense

Do you need a walking cane that provides both stability and security? A self-defense cane can give you the best of both!

Although it is true that the main functionality of walking canes is to improve your mobility by offering additional balance and support, it is widely known that they can also double as tools for self-defense. Though it may never have occurred to you before, when you walk with a cane, you are essentially toting a large wooden or metallic stick with you. Naturally, people have found ways to utilize the weight of their walking canes against would-be attackers. Self-defense canes have a long and rich history that has clearly influenced the modern evolution of canes that are specifically designed for self-defense purposes.


Stick fighting is a very old style of martial arts. As the name suggests, this style of fighting deals largely with skillfully swinging a stick in combat to best your opponent. Variations of stick-fighting can be seen in the origins of numerous cultures including the Aztec and Maori peoples. One notable form of stick fighting is Bartitsu. This evolved form of stick fighting originated in England between 1898 and 1902. Bartitsu was defined by its creator, Edward William Barton-Wright, as "self-defense in all forms." This eclectic fighting style incorporates elements of Japanese martial arts as well as several western styles and focuses heavily on the use of a walking stick or cane as a weapon. Bartitsu was famously misspelled as "Baritsu" in one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes novels and this alternative spelling has become common as a result.

Modern Self-Defense Canes

Today, self-defense walking canes are a cut above regular walking sticks in terms of their defensive capabilities. Self-defense canes have grown in popularity in the past decades due to growing concerns of safety among elderly or mobility impaired persons who want the peace of mind to feel confident in their own ability to ward off trouble. Self-defense canes are available in a number of styles, including classic shillelaghs, taser canes, sword canes, and even projectile weapon styles.


The popular Shillelagh fighting stick is thought to have originated over a millennia ago in Ireland. Shillelaghs were used by the ancient Irish as weapons to settle disputes or drive off unwanted persons or animals. Shillelaghs are traditionally made from genuine blackthorn wood that is both harvested and finished in Ireland. This wood has a unique black tone and a superbly dense construction that makes them quite formidable as blunt instruments for self-defense. The Authentic Irish Blackthorn Shillelagh Stick by Royal Canes will serve you well if you are seeking a stylish shillelagh for self-defense!

Taser Canes

Though you may find it shocking, you can now buy a cane with a concealed taser! All jokes aside, these ingeniously-engineered self-defense canes are an excellent choice if you're looking for a product that will help you to maintain your independence and your confidence in your ability to protect yourself. Whether you need something covert and unassuming for added peace of mind in your day-to-day life or simply something to use on those nighttime strolls alone, a taser cane is exactly what you've been looking for. If you're looking for the maximum voltage possible, we recommend the Zap Cane - Stun Gun Rechargeable Cane with LED Flashlight. This spectacular self-defense cane is capable of outputting up to 1,000,000 volts! Yikes! We'd hate to be on the business end of this impressive taser cane.

Sword Canes

Though sword canes are often collected as antique items, these weapons are certainly good for more than just their elegant appearance. Sword canes come in a variety of styles and with various types of handles to ensure that you are able to select the same styles that you love in more ordinary canes. Sword canes, however, are far from ordinary and each one contains (you guessed it) a concealed blade. When unsheathed, the cane's handle will act as the hilt of the sword and is great for letting any potential threat to your safety know that they've picked the wrong target! If you're looking for an elegant and covert sword cane, the Antique Fritz Handle Sword Cane by High-Quality Swords is sure to delight with its classic, comfortable fritz style handle and concealed 14 ¾" steel blade.

Projectile Self-Defense Canes

In terms of self-defense, never allowing your attacker to get too close to you is imperative. This is especially true for those with mobility, strength, or balance issues who may have trouble fighting off an attacker who can overpower them. If this describes you, you may find that a projectile self-defense cane will suit your needs. A projectile cane has the capability of shooting out a dart or similar small weapon, enabling you to strike would-be attackers from a distance. If you'd prefer a self-defense cane with the maximum range, the Blowpipe Knob Handle Walking Stick is perfect for you. This cane allows users to shot out powerful darts that will soar a great distance, enabling you to remain safely out of harm's way.

Bolster Your Security with A Self-Defense Cane

It's no secret that safety is a growing concern in our modern world. If you have concerns about protecting yourself, but do not wish to carry an obvious weapon on your person, a self-defense cane is a discreet solution you've been looking for. With their marvelous engineering, these canes have come a long way from the fighting sticks used in the old days for stick fighting. Put your worries to rest and ensure that you are prepared to defend yourself! Buy a self-defense cane today!