Essential Walking Cane Accessories: Tips, Holders, & More!

A good walking cane will go a long way, but there are a few extra items available that can take a walking stick from good to great! Some users find that while they love the look of their walking cane, they have needs that go beyond what any standard cane can offer. Users who have issues with dropping their cane or simply want a little extra support or to add a pop of color to their walking stick will want to take full advantage of the great accessories for walking canes that are available. Essential walking cane accessories include colorful cane tips, supportive quad cane bases or tripods, wrist straps, and walking cane holders.

Walking Cane Tips

Rubber tips for walking canes are necessary to improve the balance and stability of the cane. The rubber tip also prevents the bottom of the wooden or metal shaft from making direct contact with the ground, thus preserving the integrity and appearance of the material. Here at Fashionable Canes, every cane will come with a rubber tip already affixed to the end of the shaft unless otherwise stated, but those looking for a more colorful option should check out our accessories section! We have a wonderful selection of colorful cane tips for shaft sizes of 16mm and 18mm. Unsure of your cane's tip size? Click here to learn more about how to get your perfect cane tip fit!

Supportive Bases

Those seeking improved balance and stability may need to upgrade from a single tip to a supportive cane base. The purpose of these products is to provide a wider base that will enhance the support and balance that users will get from their cane or walking stick.

The four-tipped quad cane base pictured above is a bestseller. This SafetBase is optimized for balance on difficult or uneven terrains. The four rubber tips are malleable enough to grip the surface of the ground and bend slightly to offer support in areas that are difficult to navigate. The SafetBase is available in black and brown and can be ordered to accommodate tip sizes of 16mm and 18mm to turn your cane into a quad cane!

The Able Tripod Self-Standing Cane Base is a great alternative for users who have a cane that is not compatible with the SafetBase or who simply prefer the look of this sleek, black tripod base. The tripod offers similar benefits to the SafetBase, but instead of four tips, it has a three-pointed and relatively flat bottom that offers great grip and stability on most surfaces. This base is compatible with a wider range of canes and is a must-have for users seeking a safe self-standing base!

Cane Holders

A cane holder is the perfect solution to the age-old problem of where to set a cane down when it is not needed. This comes in very handy in checkout lanes at grocery or retail stores, bars, and restaurants. These handy cane holders simply clip onto the shaft of compatible canes. The holder part can flip up to rest against a flat surface like a counter, table, or desk, and will hold the cane in place until the user is ready to pick it back up. Using a cane holder is the best way to ensure that you don't lose track of your cane or drop it while you attend to other matters.

Wrist Straps

A wrist strap for a cane is a truly imperative accessory. No matter how sturdy or durable a cane is, none will be completely resistant to fall damage. A wrist strap is a handy accessory that wraps around the shaft of a cane and allows the user to place their hand through the connected loop. This ensures that if the grip on the cane is lost, it will not crash to the ground, but instead be caught by the wrist strap. This can be a lifesaver and prevent irreparable damage to the cane!

Accessorize Your Cane!

Skillful accessorizing is the key to a great walking cane experience. Longtime cane and walking stick users and newcomers alike will love the wide range of accessories and customization options available. Whether you're looking for splash of colorful flair with a colored cane tip, extra stability with a supportive base, or the added convenience of a wrist strap or cane holder, you'll love your walking cane, even more, when you find the best walking cane accessories for sale at Fashionable Canes!