Unique & Memorable Gifts for Grandparents from Adults or Kids

Buying gifts for grandparents today can be tricky. With so many new hi-tech gift ideas, there are few gift choices for grandparents and older generations that make sense. But if you look beyond the gadgets and self-help books, you can find a more unique, memorable gift for your grandparents.

Being a grandparent is a special thing, so a good gift needs to be just as memorable as it is unique. We offer some gift ideas for grandparents that really fit this description. These memorable gifts grandparents will absolutely love and appreciate-and put to good use for years to come.

What Makes a Unique Gift for a Grandparent Special

A great grandparent gift is most of all memorable, unique and personal. It's something they might not buy for themselves but really wish someone would buy for them-and once they have, wear or use it every day. It has a character and style all its own, and adds flavor and enhances their lives. It can also make their lives easier or more fun.

Both unique, personal and useful, several gift ideas fit this description. These are our top gifts for grandparents from adults or children.

Top Gifts for Grand Parents from Adults or Kids

These are some of our more popular gift ideas for grandparents from either an adult or children. Stylish, outside-the-box and creative, they show you cared enough to put thought into your gift.

Hats are Memorable Gifts for Grand Parents

Take a moment to think about what your grandparents do and enjoy. Is it traveling, or gardening at home? Maybe they still love going out on the town, lounging poolside, or taking a walk in the park. Whatever it is, there is a hat for them, one that will add style and function to their life.

Hats are worn every day by people of all ages. A daily accessory, they shield you from the sun, wind, and rain, they also add flair to outfits. They just make you feel great-because you look better. A nice hat gives any style an upgrade taking it one notch above the ordinary.

There's one made for every lifestyle and activity. From the fancy fedora to a wide brim sun hat. Each has its own style and use. The fedora is perfect for a night out, while the straw wide brim hat is ideal for the beach, pool or garden.

We have a full selection of stylish fedora hats perfect for grandparents who love to go out on the town and look their best. Or, browse our straw sun hats for active grandparents who enjoy the outdoors.

Do your grandparents take frequent vacations? A Panama hat is an absolutely perfect gift idea for grandparents that love to travel and vacation. Made with lightweight, flexible toquilla straw they are breathable, stylish hats perfect for tropic climates. Some are woven so tight they can hold water and roll up to fit easily in a suitcase without losing shape.

There are more classic hat gift ideas for those grandparents who enjoy styles of the past-like the stylish bowler or derby, flat cap or pork pie hats.

Need a Great Gift Idea for Grandparents? Think Canes and Accessories

Canes are another excellent gift idea for grandparents from kids or adults. Many grandparents have trouble getting around due to issues like arthritis, pains in the legs or hips, or simple fatigue-and a cane can help. Whether they simply get tired walking short or long distances, or they want some added stability and assistance to prevent falls, a walking cane is a great option. It can give them more freedom and security in their daily life.

Canes today are also much more exciting and interesting than before. With decorative patterns, handles of all shapes and designs, and designer options like natural woods, stained wood and alternative materials like carbon fiber or lucite-a cane is more than an assistive device, it's a fashion statement.

Choose one that connects with your grandparents at a personal level, and they'll be sure to love it. We offer all types of canes including animal head canes, rare stained and natural woods, and even floral patterns. If your folks love Irish culture and heritage, we also have genuine Irish Blackthorn canes.

Whatever your grandparents like there's sure to be something special to connect with them and make a memorable gift. Just browse our wide selection. We offer personalization of all canes along with helpful customer service agents ready to assist with your order.

Shop our cane sales and get something unique at a discount.