Guide to Walking Cane Handles - Fashionable Canes

Wondering how to choose a walking cane handle? There's a lot to think about, from your own body type, cane grip preferences, and usability, this guide will help you choose the right cane handle for the best results. We have listed the different types of cane handles right here for easy reference.

The choice of cane handle is an important one for many reasons, ranging from stylistic choices to ease of grip and the level of support they provide to the user.

As many people begin shopping for their new cane, hiking stick or other walking aid, are unsure which of the many types of cane handles they should chose. From the classic tourist canes to the more modern ergonomically designed palm-grip handles, there is a veritable array of options to choose from. But with a little guidance, anyone shopping for a walking aid can find the perfect handle design to fit their needs. Read on to help you decide which you would like to add to your collection.

Tourist Canes

These are also known as a Crook-Handle Cane or a J-Handle Cane. These canes offer the classic look of a Bishop's crook.

Although other canes offer stronger support for your wrist, many people enjoy the Tourist Cane for its classic elegance and the convenience with which it hooks over the forearm or a coat hook.

The Fritz Handle Cane

The Fritz-Handle Cane features an open-ended handle that is designed specifically for an easy grip. Its wide girth makes it so that even cramped fingers can easily grasp the handle and use this type of cane. The Fritz handle is a favorite among arthritic sufferers who want an elegant look.

Offset Handle Canes

Ever since aluminum and carbon-fiber canes have become popular for their lightweight and durable construction, padded, offset handles have also become a staple in cane design.

A small, gentle crook or bend in the shaft allows the soft, padded handle to sit exactly above the shaft, ensuring the even distribution of weight, while the padded foam handle offers an easy grip, which is often a must-have.

Palm-Grip Handle Canes

These canes are specially designed to be held in a certain way, with the palm of the hand bearing the majority of the weight of the body. Turning the palm to fit this handle allows so that very little finger strength is needed to grasp it, which makes it perfect for arthritic customers who often suffer. Be careful, though, since the right- and left-hand models are exact opposites, they must be ordered specifically for your cane-using arm.

Classic Derby Handle Canes

The classic derby handle is perhaps one of the most popular. It is a simple design, and allows for some wrist support in the small bend, around which you can wrap your thumb.

The crook on the “pinky” side allows it to be hung over an arm or on the edge of a table much like a tourist cane, but the relatively perpendicular handle offers the ease of grip much like a fritz handle.

For a more elaborate spin on the derby-style handle, check out the ergonomic derby handles offered in may of our designs.

Always Check with Your Doctor

If any of these models of walking cane appeals to you, make sure to run it past your doctor, physical therapist or other medical professional before making your purchase. Most likely, they are well-versed in the styles of cane handle, and can help you make the selection that best suits your needs.