Top Reasons to Choose a Heavy-Duty Walking Cane

A wide selection of canes in various styles, materials, sizes, colors, and shapes exists - including a whole category of canes for people who need extra support and stability. Within this category, extra tall and extra strong are two important features that can be found in walking canes.

These types of walking canes for men and women are designed to accommodate people who are taller, who have larger-than-average frames or both. Find out the top reasons to choose heavy-duty canes, and discover whether this type of cane is the right choice for you.

The more you use your cane, the more wear and tear it will suffer. Heavy-duty canes are designed to take more bumps and knocks than less-sturdy canes, and their durability results from the materials used to create them, such as beechwood, maple, ash, and oak.

If you're worried you'll have to sacrifice style with a sturdier cane, don't. Plenty of options are available from basic, no-frills styles to more sophisticated offerings. You can even find heavy-duty canes in specialty styles such as folding and offset.

You Need to Be Able to Lean on Your Cane

One of the nice things about an extra-strong walking cane is that it can allow its user to lean on it with confidence. These types of canes are made from strong metal tubing or robust hardwoods that can withstand large amounts of stress and pressure.

Whether you're waiting in a line or taking a break during a walk, heavy-duty walking canes can easily support your weight. Or you may be in need of a weight-bearing cane due to a medical condition or as part of a recovery process. Whatever your situation, a heavy-duty walking cane can provide as much - or as little - support as you need, whenever you need it.

You Walk On Varying Terrain

The average support cane may become compromised if commonly used on varying types of terrain such as uneven stone pathways or gravel-covered parking lots. Compromise can occur because when stability seems at risk, people naturally lean more on their walking support, which causes added pressure on the cane. A cane made of less sturdy materials may crack under the pressure, but a heavy-duty model will not.

Mobility & Safety are Important

Just because you depend on a cane doesn't mean you aren't independent. If getting up and going as desired is your thing, it's important to have a cane that will allow you to walk safely. It's also important that you have confidence in the integrity and design of your cane. Then, when you need to travel on an errand or to an appointment, you don't have to worry about your cane failing you.

Whether you're interested in heavy-duty men's walking canes or those available for women, there's a style available for you that can meet your needs for sophistication, comfort or just plain utility. Even if your need for a sturdier cane may be infrequent, it's better to have walking support you can rely on with confidence rather than a cane you're hesitant to put to the test.

You Need a Customized Cane Length

If you're taller than average and you try to use an average-size cane, it won't work well. A cane that is too short can cause shoulder, arm and back strain due to the user leaning over to keep control of the cane. Fortunately, extra-strong canes also come in extra-long lengths. In fact, many canes for tall men and women are available in lengths up to 7-feet. As an added convenience, many heavy-duty canes for tall people, such as folding, offset and standard styles, have an adjustable height feature.