Safety Tips for Using a Walking Cane - Fashionable Canes

Using a walking cane is meant to provide stability, security, and peace of mind to its user. To ensure that the maximum benefit is received from using a cane, it's important to put safety first. There are a few safety precautions to keep in mind when using a cane to maximize the safety of the user. Ensuring that a cane has an appropriate weight limit for the user, that all tips are properly fitted and inspected before use, and that the user is aware of how to properly use a cane.

Cane Weight Limit

A little-known fact about using a walking cane is that not all walking canes are created with equal strength. The strength of a walking cane will depend largely upon two factors: the material used to create the cane and the diameter of the cane tip size. Cane tip sizes tend to range from approximately 10mm in diameter all the way up to 25mm (which is approximately one inch). In most cases, even in the case of canes that taper up toward the top, a thicker tip size usually means a thicker and sturdier shaft. Here at Fashionable Canes, we take out the guesswork and list the max user weight of our products directly on the item page. To learn more about where to find this information when looking at walking canes for sale on our site, please click here.

The Best Cane Tips

Since the tip is the part of the cane that will actually be making contact with the ground when using a walking cane and subsequently bearing the brunt of the, it's important that the tip be sturdy and in good condition. It's always a good idea to inspect the tip of any cane or walking stick before using it to check on the condition of the rubber. Over the course of time (we estimate that most cane tips will last between 6-12 months depending on usage) the rubber can wear away and leave the bottom of the shaft exposed. This can greatly decrease the stability of the cane, so it's important to always use a cane tip that is in good condition. Using rubber cane tips with a steel insert is a great option as the small steel disc inserted into the base of the tip will prevent the bottom of the cane's shaft from chafing against the rubber to cause accelerated deterioration.

How to Properly Use a Cane

Knowing how to properly use a cane begins with maintaining some basic walking etiquette. No matter how attractive your lovely walking cane may be, you will do a great service to others and yourself by keeping your eyes ahead at all times. Proper use of a cane dictates that the cane or walking stick is merely a tool and should not be your focus or center. Keep the cane at your side to move along with you as you walk but remain aware of your surroundings and conduct yourself as you would have before walking with a cane. Let the cane be an extension of yourself and move naturally with it for a smooth and safe experience!

Stay Safe and Stylish!

The proper use of a cane will greatly improve one's safety. By considering the cane's specifications in regard to weight, the condition and quality of the cane tip, as well as being aware of how to properly use a cane while remaining alert, you can enhance your safety immensely. A safely used walking cane will not only help to alleviate the anxieties that arise when walking becomes difficult but can also enhance your personal style. Find a walking cane that will be an asset to your safety and style when you browse our fashionable walking canes for sale today!