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Step into the future of Walking Canes with our Gadget Walking Canes - the perfect fusion of style and functionality! A collection of cutting-edge walking canes that go beyond traditional aids, offering a seamless blend of innovative features and sleek design.


The Zap Cane, also known as the taser cane, may resemble a typical walking cane, but its appearance can be deceiving! In the face of a potential threat, be it from an aggressive neighborhood dog or wild animal, this ingenious self-defense tool offers both security and stability. The built in zap electrodes are capable of delivering an impressive 1 million volts of stopping power to deter potential threats. Suitable to be carried at all time. The ZAP should only be used when you would be justified to prevent an unwanted encounter making it  the ultimate walking cane safety device.  

Zap Cane Walking Cane

"It is shocking! But in a good way. We charged it, then tried it out. I jumped and our dog ran! It is everything you said it was. The flashlight is great, and my husband had no problem setting the cane height up. Thank you for a great gift for seniors!"

Janet O. verified buyer

Genuine Bull Organ Walking Cane

Genuine Bull Organ Walking Cane: One of the unique and interesting one of a kind cane. Made from the reproductive organ of a American Buffalo or domestic bull. A taxidermy process is used to sterilize and properly cure the tissue. The organ is stretched over a metal rod to make it sturdy. A great gift for someone who is as unique as this cane and a good conversation starter. 

Bull Organ Walking Sticks with Hame and Horn Handles

Sword-Gadget Umbrella Tourist Handle Walking Cane

3-in-one design goes from a Cane, to an Umbrella, to a Sword

Crafted by Fayet of France, this sword umbrella cane features a 440 stainless steel square-cut blade designed for fencing enthusiasts. The cane itself is at a length of 36 1/2 inches, with the blade extending 28 inches. Functionality meets style with the high-quality hand-sewn umbrella seamlessly integrated into the design.

Secured within the cane shaft is the fencing blade, made from durable 440 stainless steel. A unique locking mechanism ensures the blade stays securely in place until the handle is pushed and turned, releasing it for use. 

The Batman Cane 

You too can own this knob sword cane that was used for the Blockbuster film Batman Begins. Carried by Henri Ducard (Ra's Al Ghul), it was not altered from our original at all. The tempered Steel blade is 29" long, 5/8" wide, 3/16" thick

Flask Canes

Dual Functionality: A flask walking cane combines the practicality of a walking aid with the discreet convenience of a built-in flask. It's a stylish and functional accessory that serves multiple purposes

Sturdy Support: Like traditional walking canes, flask canes provide support and stability while walking. They are often designed with durability in mind, making them reliable mobility aids.


Hidden Flask: The concealed flask is a unique feature, allowing users to carry a small amount of liquid, such as a favorite beverage, discreetly. This can be particularly handy for a quick sip during outdoor activities or social events.

5 Stars again "Fashionable Canes company all round superb in every respect. My sword cane as walking stick it is excellent, as a sword it is exceptional"

Sean M. Texas

My-Lord Emperor sword-gadget Knob Walking Stick

 Silver plated handle. Stamina Wood Shaft. Handle is designed and casted out of solid pewter. There is so much detail in the molded sterling silver emperor's around the top, to give any collector the feel that this is a piece of art.

  • Concealed high quality sword.

Silver Plated Lion Head Sword-Gadget Walking Stick

This Silver Plated Lion accessory exudes authority and confidence. The fierce and proud Silver Plated Lion is complemented by a natural brown-toned stamina shaft and dual silver collars, adding to its sophisticated appearance. Inside, a square spear-like blade awaits, boasting a sharp endpoint and an impressive length of 32.5 inches. Not only visually pleasing, but this accessory also provides excellent protection, marrying style and security seamlessly.

Elizabeth Carroll

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