Our Top Picks for the Perfect Christmas Cane Gift for 2021-2022

Tis the season that reminds us to give wholeheartedly to those we love, it's especially important to make the right gift choices for the loved ones in our lives. In the modern age when shopping has become heavily digitalized, it can be challenging to find a gift that a man or woman would not have simply purchased for themselves. That being said, many people may be leery of using a cane due to vanity or fear of how they will look with it. Here at Fashionable Canes, we have an excellent array of beautiful designer walking canes that are sure to be a hit this holiday season!

It's never too early to find that special gift for your loved ones. This year we recommend shopping early as we anticipate shipping delays as well as limited supplies. These are our highly recommended walking canes that are popular and stylish. We are proud to offer the most beautiful canes, made only from the finest materials, that you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Whether your focus is fashion or function, our goal is to deliver the best canes at the best prices!

From classic elegance to bold & fashionable, here are a few of our favorite canes this holiday season.

A Quick Note on Handle Styles

Derby Handles

The derby style handle is still a favorite to this day, due to its practicality and diversity. Because weight is placed more directly over the shaft, the user tends to have greater stability.

Fritz Handles

Having less of a curve allows the user's weight to be more evenly distributed across the palm and reduces pressure on the individual joints.

Like the Derby style, the Fritz places weight directly over the shaft, giving added stability.

Tourist or Crook Handle

The Tourist handle walking canes were first designed after the shepherds crook. This has been a favorite style for centuries. With the unique hook design, this cane offers extra convenience since you can simply rest the cane on your arm when it is not in use.


Genuine Oak Wood Derby Walking Cane with Oak Shaft & Brass Embossed Collar

With 164 5- star reviews it is no surprise this is a top choice. The Derby Handle style selection is the Genuine Oak Wood cane with Oak shaft and brass collar cane with Pewter Collar , with its rich grain and elegant finish, it is one of the most beautiful woods in the world, and no two patterns are exactly the same. It is a one-of-a-kind gift that combines rare beauty with outstanding strength and durability without breaking the bank.

Rich in color and style, our genuine Oak Cane features the highest quality Oak wood shaft with a brass collar and the classic derby handle.

The embossed brass collar of this walking cane is the perfect complement for this elegant, Derby-handled walking cane.

Each Oak Walking Cane is a unique work of art. One that is sure to be passed on for generations and add a dash of elegance and pride to any person walking with it. Click here to view all Oak Canes


Swallow Bird Artisan Intricate Hand- carved Cane

This cane will make any bird lover very happy. The Swallows are some of the most elegant and graceful birds in the world, and their aerobatic flight can be amazing to watch. This swallow bird artisan cane is as unique as it is comfortable. The handle is carved in the shape of a Swallow bird. Hand Carved feathers in the bird's body add additional detail to this already beautiful cane. Comfortable grooves have been carved out for the user's fingers to comfortably grasp the cane handle. Additional Unique hand-carved canes can be found here.


Mosaic Stained Window Folding Adjustable Derby Walking Cane

For your fun, vibrant, full of life, friend or family member. Bright sunlight shining through stained glass windows is the best way to describe this truly one-of-a-kind cane. The bright colors and unique shapes that cover this cane blend brilliantly and create a cane that everyone will want to take a closer look at. The gold collar shines dazzlingly just like the sun through the window. This piece of art is not to be missed. Add in the convenience of being able to adjust this cane to the size you need and fold it to fit into your purse or suitcase, you will have a cane that you won’t be able to live without.

mosaic folding walking cane


Australian Burl Wood Fritz Handle Walking Cane w/ Wenge Shaft & Gold Collar

Our Australian Burl Wood cane would be an exquisite gift for anyone that loves the beauty of an exotic piece of wood. Highly prized Burlwood has been carved into a comfortable fritz handle and placed on a dark brown Wenge wood shaft to make a cane that is as exceptional as it is stunning The silver ring makes a simple statement. You can also add an engraving plaque for a personal touch! Burlwood is sought after by artists all over the world because of its intricate and twisted grain pattern. No two pieces of Burlwood are the same because of the way that it grows which means that you will have a cane that no one else will have. Don't miss out on adding this superb cane to your collection.


Clear Lucite Walking Cane with Custom Collar

Our Clear Derby Lucite has always been a favorite with customers looking for an elegant cane that goes with everything, and is sure to become a favorite of anyone on your holiday list, as well!

This stylish walking cane is constructed from genuine lucite, a glass-like acrylic resin, to create the appearance of real glass while retaining the extreme durability of acrylic material.

Lucite Derby Cane


To add a bit of personal flair, the collar can be customized with your choice of color, including:

  • Silver (with grey tip)
  • Black (with black tip)
  • Blue (with blue tip)
  • Pink (with fuchsia tip)
  • Purple (with purple tip)
  • Gold (with brown tip)

You may select a different color for the collar to add your own personal style to this popular clear transparent clear lucite cane. The tip will match the collar to complete this stylish cane.

Personalizing the collar with a special message will tell your loved ones that you care and help them remember you when they are walking for years to come.

White Pearlz w/ Rhinestone Collar and Black Swirl Designer Adjustable Cane

For the elegant and classy lady on your list who likes to be stylish and practical. One of our most popular designer adjustable canes is this one.

Our White Pearlz Cane with black swirl shaft has a beautiful white shell-like handle and a beautiful black and white swirl pattern on the shaft, Derby style handle, and elegant platinum-tone rhinestone collar that catches the light like diamonds.

For the lady who takes pride in the way she looks and doesn’t mind turning a few heads!



Colors Don't Run Chrome Plated Eagle Head Walking Cane With Inlaid Wenge Wood Shaft

One of our most unique and stylish walking cane for someone who has true Patriotism. This gorgeous chrome-plated eagle walking cane is a cane collector's dream! The intricately detailed but very comfortable eagle handle sits on top of an exotic Wenge wood shaft. This shaft has inlaid woods of red white and blue that have been named the "Colors Don't Run" shaft. The handle is genuine solid brass and is plated in chrome. This cane would be great for both casual and dress occasions. Dress up or dress down the Chrome eagle cane will get you noticed in town!

Eagle walking cane

House Flame Tourist Walking Cane With Carbon Fiber Shaft

Our carbon fiber canes are sleek in design, ultralight and, because they’re created from carbon fiber graphite, still incredibly strong.

One of our favorites is the House Flame Tourist Walking Cane with Carbon Fiber Shaft. The tourist handled triple wound carbon fiber flame cane using the same design as Dr. Gregory House on the hit television series House M.D on Fox. The flames on this cane are built in the shaft, making the flames last the entire life of the cane. By using super-strong, triple wound, carbon fiber, the cane will weigh next to nothing but is sure to last for years to come! Be sure to get one of these cool canes while they're HOT! Who knows it might even make you walk faster.



Silver Embossed Fritz Handle

Does someone on your list love Downtown Abby? If so, the Silver Embossed Fritz Handle is the gift they’ll treasure for years to come!

Inspired by the top-rated BBC television series, this is a petite handle for a petite lady who is elegant, classy, and appreciates and deserves the finer things in life

With a solid beechwood shaft, shiny black lacquer, and gorgeous floral and rope detail embossment, and 92.5% real silver handle, this walking cane adds a touch of elegance for everything from everyday walking to formal events.

Sterling Silver Cane


Custom Engraved Chrome Fritz Handle Walking Cane

If you really want to go the extra mile for someone this holiday season, our custom engraved chrome fritz handle walking cane is the way to go!

Add your loved one's 3 letter initials or name to the engraving plate of this gorgeously ornate scrolled Fritz handle. This comfortable handle is 100% brass with chrome plating.

Your choice of brown or black beechwood shaft, and aluminum or brass gold collars.

This is the walking cane they’ll be showing to everyone!

There you have it…from glam to glitter, our favorite styles and brands of walking canes for anyone on your holiday gift list!

Brass engraved handle

Have a question? Please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-887-5185, or use our handy online contact form!

Happy Holidays!

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