When you are looking for a cane with an abundance of styles and design, simply think of derby walking canes. These canes are produced with alluring and enticing features which make it easy for the cane to serve dual purposes, which are support and comfort. As a classic design, they tend to be the first choice for anyone who wants to be fashionable while reaping the benefits of a walking aid. The wooden handles are made to fit perfectly in the hand and remain soft in the user's hand. We only believe in carrying the highest quality of derby canes that meets our customer's satisfaction level. More so, each design is made with the purpose of complementing exotic fashionable outfits of the user. These canes are ideal for either traditional or formal occasions. These derby canes come in a wide collection of attractive colors and designs, which appeals to both men and women, young or elderly. They are usually assembled with threaded steel studs, so as to direct the weight of the user to the shaft which is made of extra strong material. This is to make sure that the user enjoy stability as well as comfort while walking around. Just to make sure that the full weight of the user is supported without any mishap, our Derby cane shafts are made with the finest and strongest light weight hardwoods, carbon fiber or aluminum. Also, to ensure long lasting life of your derby cane, the producer normally ensures that they treat the cane with semi-gloss water-resistant at the finishing point of the production, where applicable. For even further enhancement with the strength and agility of this cane, it is always oven-cured. Therefore, when you compare derby canes with other walking canes around the web, you will discover that you simply cannot beat the quality offers.

Indeed, walking canes can be made of any material, which made the worth of each walking cane to be proportional to the material used in its production. In that regard, one of the things you need to consider when you want to check the quality is the material used in the construction of such a cane. The three parts of a walking cane that is most important to consider are the handle, the shaft and the collar. First, the collar is always the part of the walking cane that normally brings out the beauty of a particular walking stick. Think of it as the focal point of the different blends of colors that amplifies the design, making the entire cane a work of art. In that regard, if you are among those stylish gentlemen or women that love to showcase their class, you need to make sure the collar of your walking cane is made of a resilient and eye-catching material, like glass, silver, gold, brass, aluminum or even diamond.

The shaft of a derby walking stick is produced with semi-gloss and water-resistance. This is to avoid cracking or the easiness of damaging of your walking stick. Second, when it comes to the handle of derby walking canes, there are assortments of the materials that can be used to ensure you don't sacrifice comfort for style. Some of the materials popularity used in the production of derby canes range from wood covered with leather, metal-plated on resin to ABS plastic. All these are to ensure absolute comfort in the hand of the user. Your cane can be an extension to your individuality and should be comfortable when out on the town.

Honestly, you need to know that if the handle of your walking cane is not comfortable in your hand, then it will not be able to support your weight effectively. This is one of the sole reasons derby canes are superior over many other walking canes out there, as the makers start with comfort first in the development process.

What You Should Know About Derby Handles

The popularity of derby canes dated back to many centuries ago in Europe when people were regarding walking canes, not just as object for support, but also as the main fashion appendage they need to showcase their class and stylish personality. Indeed the more handsomely designed a derby canes handle; the more the user was respected and admired in the society. This led to extremely warranted attention of the opposing sex. In addition, they were viewed as precious jewely. The more extravagant and exquisite the cane, the more wealthy we were presumed to carry.

Next, the handle of the cane was made for ease of use, but not for all as most of the handles were designed too large, which made it less appealing for women. However, this opposition was noted and thinner handles exist today..

Lastly, those that are suffering from arthritis need not to worry about how they can enjoy comfort due to their joint inflammation. Derby canes are made specifically to serve as succor to people that are suffering from this terrible ailment. With the amazing design of derby cane handle, you can easily enjoy a firm grip with a pleasant appeal of comfort. In the section below, we will cover a bit on this subject.

From Derby to Fritz Canes for an Arthritis Patient

Arthritis is the disease that causes mild to severe inflammation of the joint, making the victim to feel a pain sensation in his or her joint all the time. In most cases, the arthritis patient will find it difficult to walk around without a strong walking stick as support. In fact, those with a serious case of arthritis often depend on a walking stick for effective support, especially when the sufferer has issues in their hips, legs and back. In order to further cater for those with arthritis, the Fritz handle was designed; inspired from the derby style cane handle. By simply looking at the Fritz handle, you will realize the shape of the center point is slightly different, which helps to avoid pain when the user leans against a hard object. Those that are suffering from arthritis always experience stiffness of knee joints, which make them unable to hold their own weight. So, it is important to provide them with a suitable means of support to be able to function for everyday walking activities.

We believe you should still be able to fully express yourself with your prestige taste for fashion, even though you need this medical aid for support. In that regard our dear arthritis patient, you can still showcase your stylishness while on the go. The advancements in the walking stick industry has reach to the extent of producing handles for both the left and right handed individual. Derby and fritz handles are universal to either hand, but a palm grip cane is crafted specifically for one or the other. Please note, the problem with a left or right-handed cane exists if you may want to switch hands due to a lack of comfort ability.

Other Uses of Derby Canes

Apart from derby canes being used by the arthritis patients, it is made generally to ensure comfort to the user. More so, just like other kinds of walking canes, which can be used for other purposes other than support and fashion, derby canes are not made only to serve as fashion appendages or as supporting object. It can as well serve as mean of concealing a knife. Most of the well designed derby canes are constructed with a provision of hiding a sword. So, you are now the one to decide on the particular derby cane you will go for. And the particular derby cane you will select will depend on your need for the cane. If you need the cane for fashion and as protection, then you can easily go for the one designed with the features of sword cane.

Care for Derby Canes

Since different derby canes are designed with different kinds of materials, the maintenance approach you need to select will be unique. There are canes constructed with a metal shaft, while others are crafted with a wooden shaft. Therefore, you the first step you need to take it ensuring you know the exact material that makes up the shaft, handle and collar.

Even though your derby cane is coated with a quality material, it still requires cleaning from regular use. If your derby cane is coated with acrylic material, you need to ensure you do not clean it with a detergent. This is to avoid loss of its shine and glare. If your derby handle is designed with metal or alloy, you need to ensure you avoid accumulation of moisture. More so, if the handle is made of silver, regularly polish it using a recommended silver polish, such as Howard's silver polish.

Now, one of the other problems we see in today's society is theft. When going out for the evening to the movies, dinner, the park or a simple errand, don't leave your cane unattended. For some odd reason, there are people that will stoop to a level in stealing a medical aid. Especially if your cane is made from a precious material such as silver or gold.

Finally, if you are good to your cane, your cane will be good to you. In that regard, it is important that you get the derby cane that is made with the perfect design that will depict your personality. Honestly, simply by attending any occasion, you will become the gentleman or woman that will attract the attention of everyone. More so, you should make sure that you do not forget comfort in your bid to select suitable derby cane. When you consider suitability, the first thing that should come to your mind should be comfort and its ergonomic ability.

What We Have Learned. The Conclusion.

Since many centuries ago, the walking stick has served as an object of pride and stylishness. Though, that scenario seems to be out of date within 20th century. However, most professionals of today are ready to reinstitute the stylishness in walking canes. Thus, the inception of derby walking canes, which are made with care and precision in the selection of materials to ensure comfort and increase self-esteem of the user. You will really have that feeling of pride when you just rest your hand on the smooth derby cane handle.

For that reason, if you are the type that loves to look amazing and distinguished or casually appealing, the best way to make that pronounced statement is to get derby waking cane. Depending on your preferred color and design, you can truly get all you want. Honestly, with the help of this ingeniously crafted walking aid, you will stand to learn how to walk like a royal person. Go ahead and showcase your class today with one of our hand-picked canes.