These incredible invisible see-through walking canes are clearly the best in show in terms of sleek, modern style! Our breathtaking line of clear canes and walking sticks are made from durable acrylic with the look of real glass. This spectacular selection of transparent walking canes include derby handle canes, classic tourist style walking canes, and elegant knob handle walking sticks. Update your wardrobe with one of these ultra-chic walking canes today!

Add a Lucite cane to your collection and enjoy the unique, stylish look of a clear cane that looks invisible just like glass. Lucite material is a type of plastic that is translucent and see thru. An interesting fact to why acrylic is clear is because natural gas is used to create this plastic instead of oil. Lucite canes display a crystalline appearance that will turn heads no matter where you carry it. The clear, and hidden appearance of a clear acrylic lucite walking cane makes a splendid accessory to any outfit, since it does not have a color and will match any outfit.

Attention! Buyer Beware!
Our lucite canes are factory-made using a method called injection molding. Many online companies and shopping marketplaces will sell "homemade" lucite canes, in which Lucite is reheated and curved. When a walking aide is constructed in this way the material is not as strong and will have rough edges. The quality and strength of walking aides made this way do not compare to an injection-molded model.