What You Need to Know Before Buying a Cane as a Holiday Gift

Don't Miss these Must-Know Facts for Buying a Cane as a Holiday Gift!

There's a chill in the air and a song in our hearts here at Fashionable Canes, for the holidays, are here again! The holiday season means it's time to give thanks for our loved ones and to exchange heartfelt and meaningful gifts. It seems that the greatest gifts to receive are often things that people might not think to buy for themselves. If you have a loved one who clearly struggles with mobility, but has refused a cane until now, the holiday season is the perfect time to find a fashionable cane that he will be proud of! Today, we'll go over what you need to know about shopping for a walking cane as a gift including cane sizing, handle style, and the most important accessories to purchase!

Cane Sizing

One thing that may give you some pause while attempting to select a walking cane as a holiday gift is selecting the correct length. Walking cane sizing is especially important as it will determine the comfort and stability the user will experience while walking with the cane. We understand the importance of getting the correct size on each and every order. For this reason, we have created a detailed guide to cane sizing that you can view here. If you are unable to measure the cane user or one of their pre-existing canes, you should note that many adjustable canes have a wide adjustment range to enable the user to set it to their preference. Wooden canes can also be ordered at standard length and cut later with a fine-toothed saw or by a professional in a hardware store's lumber department.

Handle Style

Choosing a handle style is imperative for both aesthetic and utility purposes. Handle styles are designed specifically with certain types of users in mind. Most users will feel comfortable with a traditional derby style handle, which is the most common type of walking cane handle on the market today. If this style does not appeal or if the person receiving the gift has any condition that causes pain or tenderness to the hand or fingers, a more tapered fritz handle, or a custom-like fit from a palm grip handle may be ideal. To learn more about all of our different handle styles, please click here.


It's easy to get wrapped up (pun intended) in the excitement of finding the perfect cane to give someone as a holiday gift and forget about the great accessories that can truly transform someone's walking cane experience. Here at Fashionable Canes, we have a selection of premium cane tips, wrist straps, and walking cane holders to ensure an effective and easy experience for every user!

Walking Cane Tips

Walking cane tips are an essential accessory for any walking cane. A well-fitted and sturdy tip helps users to have a safe and supportive walking cane experience. Here at Fashionable Canes, every cane is shipped with a complimentary tip already attached! Beyond functionality, colored tips can also be used to accessorize a walking cane and give it an extra stylish flare. We have a variety of walking cane tips available in a number of colorful styles to complement anyone's bold personality! Be sure to order the appropriately sized tip for your cane. To learn more about where to locate the tip size of any item on, please click here.

One accessory that's a must-have in cold areas in this time of year is the Ingrid Ice Gripper Cane Tip! When the ground is icy and slippery, this handy tip's retractable ice spike will be a great help to keep any cane user upright and balanced! This versatile ice gripper tip can be ordered to accomodate a number of shaft sizes, so be sure to double-check the tip size of the cane it will be applied to.

Cane Wrist Straps

Wrist Straps for walking canes are essential accessories that will help keep canes where they belong - in their user's hand! To ensure that the recipient of your gift doesn't drop their new walking cane and cause unnecessary damage to it by accident, be sure to purchase a stylish wrist strap. When a wrist strap is attached to a walking cane and worn by the user, it won't matter if the cane slips momentarily from their grasp as the strap will prevent it from crashing to the ground. We have a number of beautiful straps available, though we highly recommend the Black Braided Faux Leather Wrist Strap as its snap functionality makes it a breeze to apply!

Cane Holders

We understand that even the most beautiful walking canes won't be in their user's hands 24/7. In instances where the cane must be set aside for a moment, such as at checkout counter in the grocery store, a cane holder is a must-have accessory! These handy gadgets attach directly to the shaft of the cane and can be extended to prop the cane against the edge of a table, desk, or counter. If you're looking for a classy cane holder to give as a gift, we recommend the exotic snakewood cane holder as its multiple tones will match well with a variety of walking canes.

Be a Savvy Shopper this Holiday Season!

A stylish walking cane is a gift that truly keeps giving. Due to the personal nature of canes and walking sticks, it's important to keep the user's individual needs in mind when selecting the item and all of its accessories. Be sure to review this guide before finalizing your selections to ensure that your gift will be just right! Here at Fashionable Canes, we have everything you'll need to make this holiday's gifts a smash hit!