Hiking Sticks & Walking Staffs

When the trail gets rough or a long day's hike stretches on, having a handy folding hiking stick is a must. Collapsible walking staffs and canes offer a convenient option that can easily be tucked away or strapped to the outside of your backpack, or if it is just a day-trip, folding aluminum hiking sticks are also great for storing in the back of your car. Shop this selection and find a variety of models from folding hiking sticks to an adjustable staff and more. No matter what your needs or how die-hard an outdoorsman you are, you are sure to find a piece that is perfect for your needs at a price you can afford in our selection.

Hiking Sticks and Telescopic Hiking Sticks Offer the Convenience You Want and the Reliability You Need

The benefits of collapsible walking staffs and canes are many, but none outweighs the sense of security you get knowing that you can count on your trusty walking stick in any condition. For even more options for the avid hiker, be sure to check out our entire selection of hiking sticks, or to customize your purchase, shop our walking stick accessories. Thank you for shopping with us today!

For more than a decade we have been proud to offer one of the widest varieties of hiking sticks on the web. Each is crafted of top-quality materials like aluminum, lightweight carbon fiber, natural hardwoods and more to ensure that your purchase will be of the finest quality. Thank you for visiting FashionableCanes.com today!